October 1, 2010

Jose Aldo WECIf you’re a featherweight right now, it’s Jose Aldo’s world and you’re just living in it.

It was a slow start, but a vicious finish for the WEC featherweight champion, who put Manny Gamburyan away with a flurry of punches on the ground to retain his 145lb title at WEC 51 on Thursday night in Colorado.

The early going was not indicative of the whole fight as Aldo seemed cautious and sat back waiting for Gamburyan to engage. The reality was Aldo was like an animal stalking his prey, and at just the right moment he decided to unleash his attack.

Getting his timing and reach down towards the end of the first round, Aldo started to pepper Gamburyan’s lead leg, similar to what he did to Urijah Faber just a few months ago, and the methodical undoing of the Armenian started to unfold.

The second round saw the caged animal inside of Jose Aldo released.  The Brazilian started moving forwad, and with a quick right hand followed up by a vicious uppercut, it was the beginning of the end of the former “Ultimate Fighter” finalist.

With Gamburyan clinging to one of Aldo’s legs hoping to hold on, the champion launched his attack and began to absolutely batter Gamburyan about the head, before swinging a few more crushing blows on the chin as his opponent went limp.

“In the first round I was just studying to see what he was going to do,” Aldo admitted after the fight.  “When I came back in the second round I just put all the work we’ve been doing in the gym into the cage, and I was able to knock him out.”

He’s been called the 145lb Anderson Silva, but it’s likely now that Jose Aldo has gained his own audience and following, and a moniker all his own.   The champion isn’t shy about declaring that he’s like to remain at the top for as long as possible too.

“If it’s up to me, my reign will last forever,” Aldo stated after another emphatic win.

Now begins the hunt for the next challenger to step in the cage with Aldo.  The top contender would seem to be Josh Grispi, who next fights in November, but it’s not likely anyone is chomping at the bit to try their luck after what Manny Gamburyan just experienced at the hands of Jose Aldo.