Albuquerque Celebrates Carlos Condit Day

It’s a pretty cool thing to be the UFC welterweight champ, but it’s also nice to be recognized in your hometown for your accomplishments.

Carlos Condit got to experience that on Wednesday as he was handed an honorary award from Albuquerque mayor Richard Berry declaring Feb 29, 2012 ‘Carlos Condit Day’.

Condit earned the title with a unanimous decision win over Nick Diaz at UFC 143 in early February.

The champion is currently awaiting word on the health of incumbent champion Georges St-Pierre and his recovery from knee surgery.

Once the timeline for his return is fixed, Condit is expected to make his final decision on whether to wait for a showdown with St-Pierre or defend his interim title later this year. All signs have pointed towards Condit waiting for St-Pierre’s return, but until he gets his knee in full recovery, there’s nothing definite regarding his date to get back in action.

Photos courtesy of Will Fox