Alan Belcher Tired of Waiting, Wants Chris Weidman or Vitor Belfort to Step Up

Alan Belcher UFC 113
Alan Belcher is looking for a fight, but the only problem right now is it seems nobody wants to fight him.

Coming off a huge win over Rousimar Palhares at UFC on Fox 3 in May, Belcher has been gunning for any top contender that can get him closer to his ultimate goal of fighting for the UFC middleweight title.

He thought he had the fight he was looking for when Michael Bisping took to the airwaves on UFC Tonight and mentioned Belcher’s name as the fighter he most wanted to challenge.

Ultimately, however, Bisping instead ended up drawing Brian Stann at UFC 152 in Toronto and Belcher was left on the outside looking in.

“We were absolutely disappointed. After all the trash that both guys have been talking and this is a fight Alan’s been asking for, ever since his injury he wanted to fight Bisping. He’s been asking for a lot of the big name guys,” Belcher’s manager Malki Kawa told on Thursday.

“With this whole situation in the 185-pound division after Chael (Sonnen) lost, we thought we were going to get Bisping. We had been asking for it and Bisping was talking about Alan, they were going back and forth, and for sure I thought this fight would work, but then lo and behold Bisping wants to fight Stann. So we’re not sure what the reasoning is for that, but we’re looking forward to getting somebody in the top ten so we can get the title shot at soon as possible.”

Following an eye injury that nearly ended his career, Belcher has bounced back in a big way and overall he’s on a four-fight win streak, but lately he’s having an awfully hard time finding an opponent willing to step in and face him.

So Belcher and his manager aren’t sitting back anymore and waiting for the best fight to fall in their laps. They’re asking for the biggest fights possible, and the list starts and stops with one name.

“We think Chris Weidman is the fight out there right now. If we could fight anybody, if we had our choice, Chris Weidman would be the guy,” Kawa stated.

“I think fans, media and everybody alike has Chris Weidman as the No. 1 contender at this point, and after he beat Mark Munoz I think everybody has him as the No. 1 guy. I’m not sure what Joe Silva is thinking, not sure what Dana (White) is thinking, but if he’s the No. 1 guy, Alan Belcher would love to fight him.”

In the list of middleweight contenders there aren’t very many currently in the UFC that champion Anderson Silva hasn’t already sawed in half and done away with. Weidman and Belcher are two names that the Brazilian legend hasn’t faced, and Kawa feels that it’s the perfect story to find the next contender to face Anderson Silva.

“I don’t see any other match-ups that make more sense. We’ve seen Vitor fight Anderson, Chael obviously just fought him, and then you’ve got Hector Lombard, but Hector Lombard is a guy that a lot of people don’t know and haven’t seen. So we’re looking at it like Chris Weidman is coming off a great fight, Alan Belcher is a great fighter, so why not throw them somewhere like this Oct. 5 card, let them go five rounds and the winner gets a title shot,” said Kawa.

Now if for some reason Weidman isn’t the one to step up and accept Belcher’s challenge, then he has a short list of other fighters he’d be more than happy to face as well. He’s even willing to step into the lion’s den to do so.

“You’ve also got Vitor (Belfort) sitting out there looking for somebody to come to Brazil to fight him, and we’re open to that as well,” Kawa stated. “It’s one of those situations where we want to fight, we’re looking for a fight, so we need one of these guys to pick up a phone and say ‘I’ll fight Alan Belcher,’ but these guys continue to avoid him and I don’t blame them.”

Whoever happens to be next, they better be ready to face an angry and motivated Alan Belcher because he’s tired of being the toughest guy in the room that’s not fighting. You don’t like what he says, Belcher says step up and challenge him. You don’t like what his manager says, they welcome any fighter to shut them up.

First things first, however, somebody needs to sign on the line that is dotted and prove they are better than Alan Belcher.

“Alan’s tired of just sitting around and seeing what everybody wants to do,” said Kawa.

“He wants to fight Bisping and then he goes and says he wants to fight Brian Stann, when Alan was ready to rock and roll. So we’ll go to Brazil to fight Vitor, we’ll go to London to fight Bisping, we’ll go wherever the biggest fight is against whoever wants to step up and fight him.”

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