Ajamain Sterling says he can’t wait to serve TJ Dillashaw a ‘bit of humble pie’

UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling is taking offense with some of the things that TJ Dillashaw has been saying leading up to their UFC 280 co-main event.

“For him to go out and say he’s the greatest bantamweight of all time right now just shows his arrogance which is exactly what I talk about,” Sterling said during the UFC 280 media day. “And I can’t wait to just bring him a little bit of humble pie.”

Sterling continued pointing out others he believes hold the GOAT title for the bantamweight division.

“He’s definitely one of the best, I think it’s crazy for him to say that he’s the best. Based on what? I mean you got Dominick Cruz who still has the most wins based on his WEC title wins and his UFC wins as well. I know it was a different era and a different time, but he’s still up there.”

During his own media day interview, Dillashaw said that Sterling has a “quit button” and Sterling fired back.

“Show me a fight where I quit,” Sterling said. “Show me one fight where I quit where I said, ‘Hey, I’m gonna pack it in, turn over and go home. Hey ref, I’m gonna cover up and pretend I can’t defend myself or fight anymore because I’m tired and I’m just gonna roll over and wait for the ref to save me then get up and go what happened, what happened, what? I was still fighting.’ What fight have I ever done that?”