After Weight-Cut Issues Nixed His First Attempt, Cully Butterfield Set for Return at WSOF 12

August 7, 2014

Cully ButterfieldWhile he’s been mostly successful in his road to the World Series of Fighting, things haven’t always gone smoothly for Cully “The Mason” Butterfield.

After a win over Jason Buck in April of last year, Butterfield’s efforts to raise his winning streak to three was derailed when emaciation took its toll on him and he was pulled from a scheduled fight in December less than 48 hours before it was set to happen.

“I had an issue with my weight and feinted the day before weigh-ins and made the smart choice to pull out,” Butterfield told “I took a little time off, but I’ve still got what it takes to fight and I’m ready to go.

“I’m going at it with a little more urgency and passion than I used to. I know what I want to fight for.”

Now that he’s ready to fight again, Butterfield (13-3) is set to make his WSOF debut on Aug. 9 in Las Vegas against veteran Ronny Markes (14-3).

For Butterfield, joining the WSOF is the biggest step he’s taken in his career so far, but he refuses to let it overwhelm him.

“It’s a motivator,” said Butterfield. “I love the fact that my name is going to get out there and that I’m going to be fighting live on national TV. It’s a big opportunity.

“At the end of the day, there is only three people in the cage: me, my opponent and the ref. Everything that happens on the outside is not a factor. At the end of the day, I’ve got to go in and do my job and fight.”

As far as facing Markes goes, Butterfield knows he cannot allow his opponent to dictate the fight if he has any chance of winning.

“As long as I keep on my toes, keep moving and avoid his takedowns and strikes, I can take advantage of my stand-up and wear him out and hopefully take him down,” said Butterfield of Markes. “With that and my takedown defense, I should be able to capitalize on this fight.”

Should Butterfield prove successful against Markes, he could see himself become a title contender quickly, but while that’s something he wants, he is more focused on Aug. 9 than anything.

“This is a good way to make sure I get my foot in the door, basically,” said Butterfield. “Time will tell what happens next, but I’m not thinking about that. I’m thinking about the here and now.

“I’m not planning on staying at 205. I’m a 185er. You’ve got to take the opportunities that are given you, and this was a great opportunity to get into the promotion. Obviously you train to be the best in the world, and hopefully one day I can take that title, and someday soon.”

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