After UFC on ESPN 2 win, Alex Perez looking for opportunities in two weight classes

Looking back on his unanimous decision victory over Mark De La Rosa at UFC on ESPN 2 on March 30, Alex Perez doesn’t feel like he performed how he could have, but is none the less pleased he picked up the win.

Coming off of a loss to close out 2017 to Joseph Benavidez last November, for Perez the biggest thing about his win over De La Rosa was not dropping his second straight UFC fight.

“I thought I did pretty good,” Perez told “I thought I controlled (De La Rosa). It’s pretty good to bounce back after a loss. I fought okay out there.

“I felt a little off. I can’t explain it. But other than that I felt pretty good. I controlled him when I wanted to control him and hit him when I wanted to hit him.

Having rebounded off of previous losses to put together a winning streak, Perez knew what it would take to ensure that he wouldn’t start building a streak in the wrong direction.

“I’ve come back off of losses earlier in my career before the UFC, so I know what it takes,” said Perez. “There’s no better feeling than getting your hand raised and knowing the hard work paid off. I put in hard work in training camp and it paid off.”

With the future of the 125-pound weight class seemingly always in a state of flux, Perez might have to find a home at 135 pounds, which is something he’s more than willing to do if it gets him to a title shot.

“For me it doesn’t matter between 125 pounds or 135 pounds,” Perez said. “I can be successful at 125 pounds or 135 pounds. I was already ranked in the Top 10, Top 15, at 125 pounds. At 135 pounds I feel like I can get a couple wins and I’ll be in the conversation for the Top 20, Top 15.

“So for me it doesn’t matter. I have the same goal at 125 pounds or 135 pounds, and that is to be champion eventually.”

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Looking ahead to remainder of 2019, Perez has some ideas of who he would like to face next, but ultimately the decision is up to the UFC. All Perez can control is his readiness and being able to step into the Octagon whenever called up on.

“I will tell my manager who I’d like to fight, and he does his best job to get them,” said Perez. “And he does his best job to get me back in there at a reasonable time.

“I’m always ready for a short notice fight. That’s been most of my career anyway. I think the only training camp I’ve had has been my first fight, other than that it’s been about me just being ready.”