After UFC 124, St-Pierre Says Koscheck Might Want To Reconsider His Career

December 9, 2010

Georges St-Pierre

Following UFC 124 on Saturday night, UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre says Josh Koscheck might want to reconsider his career.

The Canadian spoke very bluntly about his rivalry with Koscheck during the UFC 124 pre-fight press conference, and about his goals as a fighter and champion.

St-Pierre has long talked about creating a legacy in the sport, and when he’s done he wants his accomplishments to live on and be remembered as the greatest fighter that ever put on gloves. That goal hasn’t changed much, if anything it’s gotten stronger.

“I’m doing this job because I want to be the best. I don’t want to be No. 2, I want to be No. 1,” St-Pierre stated. “I’ve always been like this in my life, and I don’t only want to be No. 1, I want to be the greatest, that’s my main goal. When I do something I want to be the best of the best.”

The fight with Koscheck will be the second time the two welterweights have squared off, and if St-Pierre has his way, and his hand is raised at the end of the night, the rivalry will be over once and for all. He also goes on to say that if No. 1 is something Koscheck wants to attain for his career, he’ll have to take a long hard look in the mirror with a second loss on his record to the best fighter in the division.

“Now I’m fighting Josh Koscheck, I fought him before and people say ‘oh the pressure’s on you, you’re in Montreal’. It’s true I’m in Montreal, but I’m at my best when I’m fighting in my hometown. If I win against Josh Koscheck, when I’m going to beat him, it’s going to be the end of it,” said St-Pierre. “It’s going to be two times that I beat him and if he has the same mentality as me, Josh Koscheck, then he has to reconsider (his) career.

“Because if he wants to be the best, he’s going to lose two times to me, it’s going to take a long time again before he goes to the title, and maybe never again. So he’s going to have to climb up the ladder a long time.”

It’s rare that St-Pierre speaks with such fire before a fight, but it appears Koscheck is bringing out the best in the UFC’s welterweight champion. While GSP down plays any amount of trash talk before a fight, he seems like he’s really going to enjoy a win over Koshceck at UFC 124.

“I’m going to beat him Saturday night and that’s going to be the end of it,” said St-Pierre. “I’m not going to talk about him for a long, long time.”

Very outspoken before the fight, Josh Koscheck had to get one last jab to get in on St-Pierre after he essentially told him his career might be over after Saturday night.

“You like me that much, huh?” said Koscheck.

The two fighters will settle the score in the main event of UFC 124 on Saturday night at the sold out Bell Centre in Montreal.