After Two-Year Layoff, Michelle Ould Ready to Get Back to Work at Invicta FC 8

September 3, 2014

Michelle OuldFor many fighters, a lack of contract is a factor in long layoffs, but for female flyweight Michelle “T-Cat” Ould, it was the exact opposite.

Because of her contract with two separate promotions, Ould has not fought in two years and is extremely anxious to return to MMA.

“I definitely would not want to be out two years,” Ould told “It seems like an eternity, but at the same time, it went by pretty quickly. It was just contract things.

“I had a contract with Bellator, then they got rid of the girls, and then I signed with Invicta, but they haven’t had a show since last year. There was nothing I could really do about it.”

When asked if during her time off she ever felt like she might not fight again, Ould replied, “There were times that I was injured and whatnot, being a single parent, I thought this wasn’t the best thing I should be doing and that maybe I should hang it up and do something else like go back to school, but it was just momentary lapses in confidence.

“I would rather it be more consistent, but I am happy sticking with it.”

Ould could have actually spent more time off if she chose to take her time in picking her next opponent. As fate would have it, she had only a short amount of time to decide on one of two possible opponents to fight on the upcoming Invicta FC 8 card on Sept. 6.

“I chose the more difficult one just because I feel that’s what people expect of me,” said Ould. “I chose that route and we’re going with this one. Otherwise, I would have had to have waited to be on the next one, and I just couldn’t wait to get back in there.”

The more difficult one being promotional newcomer DeAnna Bennett (4-0), whom Ould (7-3) anticipates being an exciting match-up.

“I need to focus on myself – which is pretty much what I have been doing – and not focus too much on this girl,” said Ould. “I’m expecting her to be pretty well-rounded, and as far as I know, aggressive.

“I’ve added a lot more to my arsenal (the past two years), so I’m not so one-dimensional. I want to be all the way prepared in every way possible. That just makes me step my game up more.”

While some fighters may dream of winning championships, for Ould, real world commitments make it so her main goal is staying active, and whatever comes from that is just a bonus.

“I just want to be on every single card. I can’t be out like that again,” said Ould. “A lot of people say they do this for the love of it, but when you have children and bills to pay and stuff like that, this is a business and I have to stay active.

“Win, lose, or draw, I want to put on a good enough show that they want me on more cards.”

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