After Two Crushing KOs, What’s Next as Kimbo Moves From MMA to Boxing?

October 21, 2011

Kimbo Slice

Through two professional boxing matches, former UFC heavyweight Kimbo Slice now has two knockouts wins with his fights barely going over a minute total.

The one-time street fighter turned mixed martial artist turned boxer seems to be finding his footing in the sport his promoter Jared Shaw believes he should have turned to long ago.

While Kimbo is still a long ways off from challenging for titles or facing either of the Klitschko  brothers, his progression as a fighter is exactly what Shaw hoped for when he signed on to promote the heavy handed Miami fighter.

“In my mind, he’s making a lot of strides already,” Shaw told MMAWeekly Radio. “In his movement, in getting his legs stronger, turning his hands over, now you’ve seen power with both hands, so he’s got one-punch power. He’s learning more of the bob and weave, which comes natural to him, but there’s certain things that can be tightened up about that, and defense.”

His second fight, which took place last weekend, resulted in a nasty one-punch knockout from Kimbo. It didn’t differ much from his first fight in which the YouTube sensation only needed a couple of punches to put his opponent away.

Shaw believes that Kimbo is taking the right path to become a quality heavyweight in boxing. But Shaw is not going to rush Kimbo’s progression by putting him in fights that he doesn’t belong in until he’s ready.

“It’s a continued process to him becoming a 12-round fighter,” said Shaw. “Obviously, in these next couple Kimbo fights you’ll start to see the rounds increase and with the rounds increasing, obviously the caliber of opponent will increase. Maybe some man will be able to test him, maybe he’ll prove everybody wrong and nobody will be able to get outside of one round with him.”

Kimbo has always been a fighter willing to accept challenges, which is why he moved to MMA in the first place. Shaw knows for a fact that Kimbo still loves mixed martial arts, but ultimately boxing was just a better fit for him.

“He still likes mixed martial arts and he still likes the mixed martial arts game, but it’s just not the right sport for him,” said Shaw.

“He’s a fearless fighter, he’s angry, and he has a chip on his shoulder. This is a different game altogether than mixed martial arts. This is a man who is used to fighting in backyards and in the streets. When you box you’ve only got two things to worry about: defend yourself and throw punches.”

So far boxing has been good to Kimbo, but so was MMA through just a few fights. The future however for the former Ultimate Fighter competitor in the “sweet science” will travel down a much different path according to Shaw.

Slow and steady is the way that Kimbo’s boxing career will continue until he’s truly ready for a step up in competition. He will keep busy, however, because he’ll be back at least one more time this year to mark his third professional boxing match, and he doesn’t expect to slow down when 2012 starts either.

“Kimbo will come back and fight in December again. At a place to be determined and an opponent to be announced at a later date. He will continue to progress as a professional pugilist,” Shaw commented.

“He’ll hope to put another knockout in spectacular fashion on his resume.”

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