September 14, 2010

by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com Chael Sonnen is still swinging his verbal hammer, and now he’s laying the smack down on the UFC’s reigning welterweight champion. With a rematch against UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva set to go down in early 2011, Sonnen already has his sights set on what would be next, assuming he gets the belt.

And his sights are set on another UFC champion.

Speaking to fans in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday, Sonnen was asked who he would want to fight if he beat Silva and without hesitation the Oregon native gave a firm and direct answer.

“GSP,” Sonnen said emphatically. “GSP had better pray to heaven above that Shogun accepts my challenge cause one of those guys is getting beat up.”

St-Pierre seems to have caught the attention of Sonnen, as did the UFC’s current light heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Currently, St-Pierre is awaiting his fight on Dec. 11 against Josh Koscheck, while Rua is recovering from injuries and is expected to face Rashad Evans in the first half of 2011.

While St-Pierre has never backed down from a challenge, he’s also never had much to say about Sonnen who is outside of his weight class of 170 pounds. If the moment ever did arise where St-Pierre would call for a fight with Sonnen, the pound-for-pound verbal champion has a few words for the Canadian.

“If GSP said he wanted to fight me, the first thing I would say is the same thing I say every time I hear GSP talk, ‘God dangit that guy sounds like a French-Canadian Minnie Mouse.’ That’s the first thing I’d say,” Sonnen quipped.

“Then I’d say ‘hey GSP, let me ask you a serious question. Do you have a designated driver? Do you have someone to get you home safely? Cause clearly you’re intoxicated.’ I would say, ‘GSP, do you have a hankering for pain? GSP, did you lose a bet with God? GSP, bring your $3,000 suit, bring your $3 date, and get that 3 cent tan beat off your socialist back.’ That’s what I would tell GSP.”

Sonnen has never been one to hold back his tongue, and just in case GSP didn’t hear his comments, he was happy to make sure someone would pass it along.
“If you see GSP, you give him that message from me,” Sonnen shouted.

What St-Pierre did to get under the skin of Sonnen is unclear, but he appears to have an issue with the UFC’s 170-pound champion that he wants to settle in the Octagon. As far as weight classes go, Sonnen is quick to point out that he wouldn’t be challenging for the welterweight title, but he’s happy to meet in the middle.

“In fairness, I couldn’t get to 170,” Sonnen said. “I could get part way down there if we wanted to do a catch weight, if it was something like that.”

As far as fighting Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Sonnen has no issues going back to his former weight class for a shot at that belt.

“I could certainly go up to 205. I used to be a 205-pounder. Joe Silva moved me down to 185. He said ‘this is a better weight’ and I’ve competed there ever since,” Sonnen admitted.

Whether Chael Sonnen ever actually faces St-Pierre or not is a story for another day, but he’s certainly made his intentions clear.

First things first though, Sonnen has to defeat Anderson Silva.