After Nearly Retiring, Ryan Spann is on a Quest for a Title and the UFC

Following some turmoil in the last months of 2014, this year has proven to be much more productive for middleweight prospect Ryan Spann.

Upon suffering the only loss of his career in September, Spann made some changes and has rebounded in 2015 with two straight wins and is on the cusp of his biggest opportunity yet.

“I changed a lot of situations around me such as changing camps,” Spann told “I knew why I lost. It wasn’t because he was better than me; it’s just some situations that happened heading into the fight. I had to get rid of that negativity.

“I don’t have that undefeated mark, and I’d rather have it back, but it’s freed me for my next fights not having that pressure.”

Spann feels like his growth as a fighter has increased exponentially since making the move. And not only has his game improved, but his outlook has as well.

“It’s good because it’s kept me on my toes,” said Spann. “You can’t do the same thing over and over. You’ve got to push yourself.

“To be honest, I had been thinking about retiring because it was just the same thing. But now I’m starting to learn again, I’m having fun again, and it’s motivating me because I’m improving every day.”

With his recent success, Spann (7-1) will step up to face his biggest challenge yet on Friday night in Lake Charles, La., against veteran Larry Crowe (9-4) in a feature 185-pound bout at Legacy FC 42.

“I’m just focused on what I do, and that’s go out there and have fun,” said Spann of facing Crowe. “Six of my seven wins have been by submission, with five of those coming in the first round, so statistics show that I’m going to stop this fight.

“I go out there and just have to be me. I’ve trained so the worst me can beat the best them on any night.”

With a win over Crowe, Spann will be one step closer to fulfilling a goal he’s had his mind on all year.

“I had a vision back in January that I would fight in February and again in May, and I was going to win those two and then win this fight, and the next fight would be for a title and by the end of the year I’ll be fighting in the UFC,” Spann concluded.

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