After Losing Bet to Cody Garbrandt, Forrest Griffin Pays Up by Shaving Head

January 4, 2017

Cody Garbrandt won the UFC bantamweight title at UFC 207, but that wasn’t the only thing he won.

Apparently, Garbrandt bet Forrest Griffin that he would beat Dominick Cruz, and the wager was a shaved head. Fortunately for Garbrandt and his fade, he won and doesn’t have to follow through with a buzz cut. But is he going to hold Griffin to it? 

To the footage!

Someone call my barber.

As it turns out, Forrest is a man of his word.

In a video published today by the UFC, Forrest and UFC writer Matt Parrino break down the rankings following last weekend’s UFC 200 card. But as an added bonus, Forrest busts out the clippers and follow through with payment with a brand new cut. Way to follow through. 

To more footage!


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