After first FFC title defense, Ben Egli looking forward to more opportunities

April 23, 2019

After claiming a FFC title in his last bout of 2018, welterweight Ben Egli was looking to successfully defend it for the first time in his first bout of 2019 on April 19 against Joey Holt.

While the bout against Holt didn’t quite go the way Egli had envisioned, he was able to pick up the win with a second-round submission and put himself on a two-fight winning streak in the process.

“I got the result I wanted,” Egli told “Joey Holt was a very tough opponent. We knew he was wanting to throw hands, and we knew when he hit me he was going to hit hard, so we tried to move a little bit, and try to work my game and get him to the ground.

“I didn’t work my strategy quite like my coach or I would have liked, and got hit with a huge shot, and the rest of the fight was kind of a blur. I had to rely on my instincts and it just kind of worked out.”

With Holt having been a late replacement, it was Egli’s training that helped him make an adjustment to his new opponent and pick up the victory.

“I think a lot of fighters like me who have been doing it for a while know where we are really at and where we need some improvements, so as long as we can work on our weaknesses in between fights and we can continue to protect those weaknesses with our strengths and work on being well-rounded, it’s a pretty easy shift (from one opponent to the next),” said Egli.

“My skills and things that I’ve trained to be well-rounded are going to keep me safe and get the win.”

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Though Egli is able to work on his game between fights, he understands that he’s not going to be able to change everything at once, so he’ll be a constant work in progress going forward.

“Some of those things are things I’ve wanted to change since day one,” Egli said. “Some of it takes time. It’s not going to be done in just a few practices. There’s always going to be little adjustments.

“Every time you fight there’s always something to learn. Even with wins, there are always things that I want to do better. It’s about putting things together and making sure those (negative) things don’t happen again.”

For Egli, as long as he’s making those improvements, he’s happy to continue down the path he’s headed, regardless of what may come his way.

“I’m just trying to be the best fighter I can be,” said Egli. “That’s always been my goal: To be the best fighter I can be and go as far as I can and see where it can take me.

“I hope to get in at least two more fights in before the end of the year. I’m not going to look past anybody. I’m going to take whoever comes my way. I just plan on improving and continuing to win. With every win comes more opportunities, and I’m just happy and ready for whatever comes my way.”