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Affliction “Day of Reckoning” takes place Saturday night at The Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. MMAWeekly.com is on location bringing you live results, play-by-play, and photos of the action from the night’s fights.

The main event pits the No. 1 heavyweight fighter in the world, Fedor Emelianenko, against former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski. Other featured bouts include Josh Barnett vs. Gilbert Yvel, Vitor Belfort vs. Matt Lindland, and Renato “Babalu” Sobral vs. Thierry Sokoudjou, amongst others.

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Main Card:

Jay Hieron vs. Jason High

Rd. 1
Hieron paws with his jab, High slaps him with a kick. Hieron with a counter left hook, they chase each other around the ring for a beat. Hieron lands a right hook that knocks Jason High out cold. High is unconscious for his trip to the canvas. High is being tended to by CSAC officials. After a moment, they get him to the stool. The official time is 1:04 of the first.

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Andrei Arlovski

Rd. 1
Andrei feints forward, then inside leg kick. Fedor with right cross, but Fedor comes back with two short shorts. Fedor lunges in with jab. Andrei closing distance. Inside leg kick lands for Andrei. The two trade punches, nothing lands cleanly. Andrei with another inside leg kick. Andrei with short right hand that connects. Andrei connects with right uppercut as Fedor closes distance. Clinch war ensues. Fedor tries to sweep Andrei, but Andrei pushes back and stuffs the attempt. They’re locked in a cliinch against ropes. Fedor with underhooks. They trade knees. McCarthy breaks them up and restarts action in canter. Andrei with insdie leg kick. Andrei with one two body head. Andrei lands body shot then over hand right. Arlovski pushes Fedor back with left front kick. Fedor catches Andrei with an overhand right as Andrei jumps in with a knee. Shot knocks Arlovski out cold. After a brief respite on the mat, Andrei comes over to congradulate Fedor. Official time is 3:14.

Gilbert Yvel vs. Josh Barnett

Rd. 1
Josh leads with right hand, no dice. Yvel looks remareably relaxed for someone in a co-main event. Barnett jamming in, catches a big outside leg kick. Yvel misses with punches. Yvel punches away at Barnett’s head when Barnett catches kick, but Barnett will not be deterred from taking him down. In Half mount, Barnett pours on the punishment with punches and hammerfists. Yvel eats a left elbow as he attempts to get to his side . Barnett grabs Yvel’s open left arm and hints at a kumura, lets it go, then picks up the hold again. Yvel looks helpless to stop the hold. Barnett drops a left elbow before posturing up and throwing a few shots. Yvel nearly escapes in the ensuing scramble, but again, ends up with his arm trapped in the same kimura. Barnett goes to full mounc and drops elbows on Yvel, then punches, then another big elbow. Yvel is attempting to bridge, but eating a tremendous amount of punishment in the proces. Yvel rolls to his side, then his back, eating elbow after elbow from the bottom. Barnett angles for an armbar, and Yvel somehow manages to pop up, his face bloodied, throwing a punch as the round ends.

Rd. 2
Barnett intercepts a punch on his way in and takes the fight to the mat, where he lands in side mount. Again, Barnett hints at a kimura from half guard, then postures up and fires a few shots before taking full mount yet again. More elbows follow from the top, as Yvel rolls to avoid them again. Yvel, though, is ultimately helpless. Barnett drops elbows mercilessly, but Yvel is not quitting, even throwing his best punches, or the best he can throw, from the bottom. Yvel attempts to bridge and eats more elbows and punches. Barnett angles for an armbar but misses it, and Yvel springs up and over him, landing a big left and right hand from the top before the bell rings.

Rd. 3
Yvel’s face is a mess, but he still bounces around like a man on his first round. Barnett comes in with a kick, and Yvel lets a few bolos go, some of which catch Barnett. But once again, Barnett gets his man down, takes mount, and well…you know what happens from here. Crowd is booing more generously. Barnett goes for one last flurry until Herb Dean has finally seen enough and puts a halt to the bout. Yvel pops up, spitting out blood and shaking his head. The official time of stoppage is 3:05. The referee subsequently announces that Yvel tapped out from the strikes.

Vitor Belfort vs. Matt Lindland

Rd. 1
Lindland jams, slung low. Vitor throws leg kick. Lindland continues to circle in. Vitor catches Lindland with a left hand as Lindland is coming in with a punch. Belfort’s left hand drops Lindland cold. Vitor pounces as Lindland is trying to recover and throws several hard right hands that put Lindland completely out. Lindland’s legs are twitching on the mat, but relax after a few scary seconds. Lindland tries to stand but cannot unaided. Paramedics are trying to get him to put on a neck brace, and have brought a stretcher. Paramedics get Lindland in the neck brace and are asking him a series of questions. Paradmedics then take the neck brace off, where Lindland stands on his own with the medics at the ready. Lindland goes to Belfort’s corner to congratulate him. The time is :37 of the first round.

Rameau Thierry Sokodjou vs. Renato “Babalu” Sobral

Sokodjou counters right hand with a punch and kick, Babalu lands a punch of his own and thinks about a takedown. Sokodjou rebuffs the attempt. Babalu lands a left and clinches, then tries to use underhooks to pull Sokodjou to the ground. Sokodou sprawls and the two clinch aginst the rope. After a stall in action, John McCarthy realizes that Sokodjou has his hand under the rope. Action is restarted, where Bablu tries a couple of flashy kicks before driving Sokodjou to and through the ropes. The action is restarted at the ring’s edge, where Babalu pulls Sokodjou into his guard. Sokodjou lands a couple of big right hands from Babalu’s guard. Babalu drives for a takedown after eating a number of punches, and Sokodjou hip tosses him briefly to the mat. Babalu resumes his drive for a takedown, action stalls against the ropes. Finally, Babalu returns to the clinch, where bout’s action stalls, prompting a restart from McCarthy. Babalu with front kick as round ends.

Rd. 2
Babalu again closes distance, landing a nice right hook. Sokodjou goes for uppercut and Babalu takes him down, pounding away with punches. Babalu stands and continues throwing bombs, then returns to half guard, when he drops a few elbows. Sokodjou doing little to defend himself. Action is stopped when Sokodjou goes through ropes, restarted with Babalu standing over him. Babalu takes half guard and lands a couple of punches before locking in D’Arce choke at Sokodjou’s side. 2:36 is the offical time.

Paul Buentello vs. Kiril Sidellnikov

Kiril with stiff jab. Buentello misses with left right, Kiril the same. Kiril comes in with flurry, no dice. Paul with nice jab. Kiril lands nice leg kick. Paul goes for right uppercut as Kiril closes distance and the two clinch at the ropes. Kirkl working overhand right and right to body. Paul with short uppercut that backs Kiril off. Kiril’s left eye is swelling fast. Both fighters catch punches as Kiril again closes distance. Again the two are against the ropes. Paul roughs up Kiril with shoulder strikes. . Kiril lands a nice left from in close, then backs off. Paul lands left head kick. Paul lands straight right from range. Paul’s left jab lands, then as Kiril closes, lands big right hand before the two get to the ropes. Kiril throws a knee from close and backs off. Buentello’s jab does more damage. Buentello with overhand right. Jab lands for Buentello. Buentello tries to counter with short right as Kiril once again presses to rope’s edge. Paul lands a knee in clinch and backs away to end the round.

Rd. 2
Paul again working jab. Kirl throws leg kick and trips but regains footing.Paul lands great one-two. Paul with another overhand right, then a stiff jab. Buentello having his way with punching attack. A left hook lands for Kiril. Kiril’s left eye is almost swollen shut. Buentello a step ahead of every exchange. Leg kick lands for Kiril. Buentello’s catches left hand as Kiril charges, prompting the Russian to come in with a flurry. Several shots appear to land, but when the striking stops, Buentello waves a “no-no” with his hand. Thet two ties again against the ring. Buentello lands right uppercut before breaking off. Another right hand for Buentello in open. Kiril shoots in the open for a takedown. One two lands for Buentello. “The Headhunter” is picking the Russian apart, but Kiril continues to come forward. Buentello narrowly misses head kick as Kiril ducks down. A huge right hand lands for Buentello. Kiril’s right eye is now beginning to swell shut.

Rd. 2
Buentello is having his way with Kiril, pure and simple. his jab cracks th Russian at every interval, and his follow up right lands cleanly. Upon clinching, Buentello lands big right uppercut, but Kiril just won’t stop coming. Buentello snaps Kiril with a straight right as the Russian attempts a leg kick. Kiril lands overhand right as he comes in with a flurry, and Paul spins around to his back briefly against the ropes before disengaging. A leg kick knocks down Kiril, prompting a stoppage from ref “Big” John McCarthy. McCarthy checks his fighter, who appears broken. It’s essentially sparring practice for Buentello. Kiril is one tough fighter. The action stops as Kiril’s mouthpiece comes out, and upon another check of Kiril, the bout is waved off at 4:18 of the third.

Bobby Green vs. Dan Lauzon

Rd. 1
Green leads with swinging hooks and gets tagged by a right hand, then a right hand from Lauzon. Green pushes actions back to ropes lands a few punches, Dan escapes and Green throws a couple of flying knees and shots against the ropes. Green relentlessly aggressive, has Lauzon against ropes throwing bombs, until he backs off and throws a right kick that connects squarely with Lauzon’s groin. Action is stopped as Lauzon walks it off. Lauzon takes a knee and waits it out. After a minute break, he stands and action is resumed. Lauzon with rick to the body, Lauzon spills into Green and the two falls to the canvas. Green stands over Lauzon and throws a couple of bombs. The two get to their feet, and Green is at Lauzon’s back. Green goes for a suplex, continuing to punch, but trips and Lauzon pounces before ending up on the bottom with a near triangle attempt. No damage done on the ground and Green stands again. Green charges in with short punches and a clinch, and once again, an errant knee catches Lauzon in the groin. Lauzon again takes a knee and waits it out. Green lands a nice jab. Green backs Lauzon up and throws a kick to the body, which instead catches Lauzon in the groin, again. Referee Herb Dean summons Green to the ring’s center, where he is deducted two points. Crowd boos as action restarts. Green charging in, the two clinch, Where Lauzon attempts to lock in guillotine. Green defends and pounds from the top as Lauzon retorts with a heel hook. Green attempts to sit up as Lauzon holds onto the leg, then uses the scramble to take Green’s back. Lauzon has hooks in and looks about to lose the position, but Green taps with “The Upgrade” almost hanging at his side. 4:55 is the official time.

Preliminary Card:

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Vladimir Matyushenko

Rd. 1
Vmat circles away to Rod’s left, Lil Nog comes with outside leg kick. Tenativeness. Neither fighter making much of a move. Vmat with inside leg kick, then more circling. Vmat with another inside leg kick. Lil Nog closes distance with a couple of hooks, nothing lands. Vmat with a left hook, Lil Nog with punch to the body in return. Vmat ducks as Nog locks brief plumb, with one knee landing. They break and Lil nog comes forward. Lil Nog misses big left hook. Vmat covering as Lil Nog fires hooks. Vmat lands small left hook. Vmat lands straight right, misses with big left hook. Lil Nog lands another inside leg kick, then outside leg kick. Lil Nog coming in with hooks, but Vmat covering every time. Lil Nog tries to lock clinch, Vmat lands inside hook to the body before escaping. Ll Nog lands counter left hook as Vmat comes in. Another left hand gets inside Vmat’s guard. Lil Nog lands right knee as Vmat ducks in.

Rd. 2
Lil Nog closing distance more, trying to put combinations together. Vmat lands right hand. Vmat lands left hook that stuns Lil Nog then follows with a flurry of punches from clinch. Nog tries to escape. Vmat smells blood and closes distance. Lil Nog’s right eye is bleeding. Lil Nog lands left hook, and seems to have regained his composure. Lil Nog with a right and left hook as Vmat charges in. Vmat backs off and action stalls again. Vmat with straight right hand. Vmat with straight right and left. Lil Nog trying to work jab, having more success with it. Vmat ducks into left hook. Lil Nog connects with left hook then a short flying knee that hurts Vmat. Lil Nog closes distance and begins to let his hands go as Vmat tries to defend himself. Lil Nog connects with another flying knee that drops Vmat to the canvas. Lil Nog lands a right hand to seal the deal at 4:26 of the second.

Bao Quach vs. LC Davis

Rd. 1
Davis knocks Quach down with a flurry of strikes, but Quach regains his footing and ties the action up against the ropes. Quach with underhooks. Davis foot stomps , then ducks under for a takedown. Quach retorts with a guillotine attempt. Quach uses underhooks to regain his footing after brief scramble, fight is again clinched against ropes. Quach is the first to break off. Davis lands left hand en route to a takedown. Quach, in guard, goes for armbar attempt, then drives for takedown. Davis locks up guillotine against ropes, but Quach toughs is out and drives Davis to his back against the ropes. Quach quickly transitions from half guard to ful mount, Davis turns to his left side and locks his arms to avoid punishment. A quick scramble puts Qauch at Davis’ back. Davis tries to roll out of choke, as Quach uses right leg to kick Davis’ flank as he squeezes choke. Round closes before he can finish.

Rd. 2
Davis lands straight left but eats a groin kick that goes uncalled. Davis lands another left, but Duarte ducks under and takes the fight down. Quach works to side mount. Davis rolls to escape. Quach threatens an armbar, but decides to work from side mount instead. Quickly, he takes mount again, Davis bridges out and Quach transitions to armbar attempt. Davis powers out of it and settles into Quacks guard. There, he lands several hard punches from top, then begins to work a few elbows in. Quach rolls to his knees as Davis works his right hand from Quach’s back. Davis gets in a couple of big rights as Quach sits upside down in mid-roll. Quach rights himself and drives forward, putting the action back on its feet. Davis works for single leg against the ropes. Davis breaks off with hard with elbow and punches. Quach reverses position and works for his own takedown as round ends.

Rd. 3
Davis land a big left hand to start the action, then drives for a takedown after getting double underhooks. Davis works ground and pound from the top. Davis stands up and throws a few shots before going back to guard. Quach takes advantage of position change and drives for his own takedown in the corner of the ring. Davis stands up, but is taken down again, despite a quick grab of the ropes. Davis rights himself and the two trade knees against the ropes before Davis lands another takedown. Davis flurries with punches, landing several big right hands, then left hands and elbows. Quach’s face is swollen, he looks exhausted. Quach turns to his side, then drives forward as Davis sprawls and punches Quach’s flanks. Davis’ right eye is bloody. Round ends with Quach’s takedown drive unfulfilled.

All three judges award LC Davis 29-28 scores, giving the Miletich fighter the unanimous decision victory.

Alberto Rios vs. Antonio Duarte

Rd. 1
Rios lead with left hook, Duarte comes back with hook and leg kick. Duarte with his own leg kick. Rios changes levels but thinks better of it. Rios backs Duarte off with a combination, then nails a takedown as the two careen across the ring. Duarte gets back to his feet, the two remain clinched. Rios with a left high kick, no dice. Duarte works jab, and Rios counters with punch and leg kick. Duarte caches Rios with right hook that drops him . Duarte follows him to the ground, working for choke, but Rios defends and gets back to his feet. Against the ropes, Rios gets a double leg. Duarte gets up and throws a few big shots before cinching a guillotine as Rios works his way back to the feet. Rios throws the two to the ground, where they scramble their way back to their feet. Duarte nearly lands right high kick to the head. Rios starts coming forward with punching combos, with one right hand that cracks Duarte.

Rd. 2
Rios closes distance with punching combinations before nailing a takedown against the ropes. Duarte gets back up, the two continue to trade punches and leg kicks. Duarte with right high kick. Rios lands big left hook. They trade leg kicks. Rios again with a lead left hook attempt, doesn’t land. Rios closes with punches, then gets takedown off the ropes. Once again, Duarte is able to stand up, where he throws a knee in the clinch before breaking off. Rios with a right hook. Rios with a hard right kick to the leg. Duarte lands short right hook. The two trade flurries, but nothing big lands, save for leg kicks. Rios with strong right hook to the body. Duarte counters Rios leg kick with a right hand. Rios drives for takedown. Duarte counters nicely with right uppercut as Rios comes in with punches.

Rd. 3
Action has slowed since first round, but Rios comes with overhand right that lands. Duarte with hooping knee. Rios with punch, then leg kick that spins Duarte around. Another leg kick lands for Rios. Rios punishing Duarte’s lead leg. Duarte lands his own leg kick. Rios counters next kick attempt with a straight right. Rios lands nice jab following Duarte leg kick. Rios winning striking exchanges on the inside. Duarte snakes in with a left hook. Duarte lands right leg kick and disengages. Rios’ left jab and leg kicks are his winning weapons. Rios works for single leg against the ropes, Duarte sprawls, gets underhooks, and disengages. Duarte lands overhand right. Rios counters punch with overhand right of his own. Round is mostly a kickboxing match, with both landing shots, but neither really hurting each other. Round ends uneventfully.

All three judges rule the bout 29-28 in Rios’ favor.

Brett Cooper vs. Patrick Speight

Speight leads with a hook and leg kick. Cooper comes back with a few jabs, jamming in. Speight comes back with a straight right of his own. Cooper slowly jamming in. Initial tentativeness. Cooper closing distance, but a small flurry and leg kick yields nothing. Cooper continuing to work his jab and close the distance. Cooper land a couple of straight rights and an uppercut. Speight returns with a knee to his face. Cooper baks off with a smile. The two trade more shots before disengaging. Cooper gunning for a right lead uppercut. Cooper lands great left hand to the body, Speight returns with a knee in close. Cooper backs Speight against ropes and lands another uppercut. Cooper’s jab beating Speight to the punch. Cooper continuing to work jab. Mostly a tactical stand-up affair. Speight telegraphs a takedown and Cooper easily stuffs it, briefly taking top position. Cooper stands over Speight and leg kicks Speight, throwing in some dance moves for effect as round comes to end.

Rd. 2
Speight leads with a left hook, and kick to the body, Cooper replies with a leg kick. Cooper continuing to be the aggressor, with an inside leg kick. A straight right briefly flashes Speight, but he recovers and disengages. Cooper presses again, as Speight once again looking for left hook. Cooper lands another hard punch that stuns Speight. Cooper lands nice body head combination . Another body shot drops Speight and Cooper takes top position, pounding away. Cooper lands big right hand from Speight’s guard. Speight ties the action up. Speight takes his legs high, suggesting a triangle or oma plata, but Cooper straightens himself before damage can be done. Cooper stands out of guard and caches a counter punch trying to land his right uppercut. Speight is bleeding from his left eye. A straight right and uppercut land for Cooper, and Speight drops to the canvas, out cold at 4:10 of the second round.


Pay-Per-View Bouts:
-Jay Hieron def. Jason High by KO (Punch) at 1:04, R1
-Fedor Emelianenko def. Andrei Arlovski by KO (Punch) at 3:14, R1
-Josh Barnett def. Gilbert Yvel by Submission (Strikes) at 3:05, R3
-Vitor Belfort def. Matt Lindland by KO (Punch) at :37, R1
-Renato “Babalu” Sobral def. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou by Submission (D’Arce Choke) at 2:36, R2
-Paul Buentello def. Kiril Sidelnikov by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at 4:18, R3
-Dan Lauzon def. Bobby Green by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:55, R1

HDNet Bouts:

-Antonio Rogerio Nogueira def. Vladimir Matyushenko by TKO (Strikes) at 4:26, R2
-L.C. Davis def. Bao Quach by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) at 5:00, R3
-Albert Rios def. Antonio Duarte by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) at 5:00, R3
-Brett Cooper def. Patrick Speight by KO (Punch) at 4:10, R2

Preliminary card airs on HDNet at 7:00 PM ET / 4:00 PM PT

Main card airs on pay-per-view at 9:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM PT

* Based on MMAWeekly World MMA Rankings