by Tom Hamlin – MMAWeekly.com
Todd Beard, co-owner of Affliction Clothing, Inc., has tendered his resignation with the popular clothing company.

In a press release sent out Friday, Affliction’s board of directors said it had accepted his exit as “an employee of the company.”

The release further stated that Beard was seeking counseling for alcohol abuse and anger problems.

Beard was named in a restraining order filed by Kim Couture, wife of Randy Couture, that detailed Beard’s criminal background and threats he made to the Coutures and their lawyer, Sam Spira, last month.

A Nevada court granted a temporary restraining order on Wednesday.

“I would like to apologize for my comments that may have offended Kim and Randy Couture and Mr. Spira. I had a long-standing relationship with the Coutures and I was deeply and emotionally hurt by some of their recent business decisions,” Beard said in the release. “I have only the best of intentions for the success of the Affliction and Xtreme Couture clothing brands and understand that there are personal issues I must address.”

Affliction Clothing has a controlling interest in Couture’s clothing line, Xtreme Couture.

“We are delighted Todd has decided to address these issues and wish Randy Couture well,” said Affliction’s board of directors.

The company distanced itself from Beard’s actions as a reflection on Affliction Entertainment, which promotes mixed martial arts events. Business guru Donald Trump is a major stakeholder in Affliction Entertainment and holds gaming licenses in Nevada and New Jersey among other states.

“Affliction Entertainment Group LLC (the mixed martial arts promotion company) is not controlled by Affliction Inc. Mr. Beard to its knowledge, is nether an officer, director, or a shareholder of Affliction Entertainment Group LLC as stated in several periodicals,” the release states.