Ads for UFC on Fox Debut Sold Out 2 Months Ahead of the Event

September 20, 2011

The UFC’s debut on Fox is already a rousing success and the show hasn’t even taken place yet.

As announced during a press conference on Tuesday, Fox Sports President Eric Shanks revealed that all of the advertising slots available for the UFC’s debut show on the network have sold out.

While he remained mum on what kind of ratings or viewership they were expecting for the show, Fox is already very happy with the UFC deal they just signed a few weeks ago.

“We’re not going to predict numbers, I will tell you that as of yesterday the entire fight is sold out from a ad sales perspective. It sold out like that,” Shanks revealed.

The UFC’s natural fan base in the coveted 18-34 male demographic seems to fit with any advertiser’s reach, but for the inaugural show on Fox, there were still some questions about how the sport would be received by more ‘mainstream’ sponsors.

Judging by the information from Shanks on Tuesday, the UFC and Fox appear to be one very happy family so far.

“The response from the ad sales community has been unbelievable and we think that is going to carry forward into next season,” Shanks said.

UFC President Dana White echoed those same thoughts, while also adding the legitimacy the sport gains from being on a network like Fox.

The hope is that the ad revenues will continue to grow across the board, and the trickle down will hit everything from the UFC itself to the fighters competing on the show.

“Us getting this Fox deal has already taken us to another level,” said White. “We’ve gotten more credibility now because we’re on Fox with all these big sports leagues, and the fact that these guys are reaching out to these other sponsors and they’ve had a great response is big. Not only for us, but for the fighters too.”

While the ads for the upcoming UFC on Fox show are now officially sold out, the only thing that wasn’t discussed was what kind of sponsors stepped up for this first card.

Everyone will have to tune into Fox on Nov 12 to find out.

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