Adrian Yanez: ‘I’m more than likely going to finish Kyle Estrada at LFA 78

November 13, 2019

When it comes to his two wins in 2019, bantamweight Adrian Yanez sees things as a mixed bag.

While he’s not overly impressed with his first win of the year over Warren Stewart in January, he is more so pleased with how his June victory over Michael Rodriguez turned out.

“I don’t hold my win over Warren that high,” Yanez told “I just kind of count it as a warm-up fight just to get the year going.

“Then my fight with Michael was a good one. I knew I was the more well-rounded fighter. It was a good win for me. He had a winning record. He fought some tough guys. Getting a win over him was really good for me. It helped get the ball rolling for me to get another winning streak.”

While Yanez has had two bouts so far this year, he originally was scheduled to have three. When a bout in August was scrapped when his opponent Levi Mowles came in overweight, Yanez then had to wait until the LFA was able finalize their move from AXS TV to UFC Fight Pass.

“With the rescheduling and everything that had went on, it was nerve-wrecking a little bit because I didn’t know when I was going to fight,” said Yanez.

“My coach told me to relax, and then I got confirmation from (the LFA) that they wanted me to stay on this card, to just to relax, and they would take care of me. Once they did that everything has fallen into place and has been looking up since.”

On November 15 in Belton, Texas, Yanez (9-3) will look to continue his willing ways when he faces Kyle Estrada (10-4) in the 135-pound main event of LFA 78.

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“I feel Kyle is a great match-up for me,” Yanez said. “I’ve fought a lot of wrestlers in my past, and I feel I don’t have to worry about wrestlers taking a shot at me anymore. His style is just going to open up my tool box to let me do whatever I want.

“He’s a good fighter, a scrappy guy, but I feel if I just stick to what I do best I’ll beat him. If I mind my P’s and Q’s then I’m more than likely going to finish him.”

Should Yanez close out his 2019 undefeated for the year, he’ll be looking to make his move up to the next level by the end 2020.

“You can say I’m taking it fight by fight, but I’m also trying to plan things out,” said Yanez. “I want to be back in by February depending on how my body heals.

“I feel if I fight now and just rest up for the rest of the year I can fight again in February and then just try to make it four by fights by the end of 2020, and hopefully by the end of 2020 I’m in the UFC.”