Adrian Guzman expects to ‘bang it out’ with Jose Estrada at Combate Americas 35

April 23, 2019

When it comes to his February victory over Ryan Reneau at Combate Americas 31 this past February, featherweight Adrian Guzman is happy to have gotten the win, but he feels like he didn’t have his best performance.

While Guzman was able to pick up a second round TKO and finish his fourth opponent in four fights, he always feels there is room for improvement.

“I was satisfied with the victory, but I felt like I could have done a lot better in there,” Guzman told “Right now the goal is to learn from what I didn’t do right and go in there and perform a lot better; fix the mistakes I made in my last fight.”

Having previously competed at lightweight, Guzman is making the move down to featherweight, and can already feel the difference in how he moves compared to before.

“I feel I can move around a lot more easier right now,” said Guzman. “I’m a lot lighter on my feet. My footwork has gotten better. I’m starting to get more technical with my punches and learning to use my range more, and set up my attacks. My game has changed quite a bit.

“I’m going to work towards building myself up and getting a little bit bigger, so I’ll consider the 155-pound division for the future, but right now I want to try out the 145-pound division and see how it goes.”

On Friday in Los Angeles, Guzman (4-0) will look to remain undefeated when he faces Jose “Froggy” Estrada (5-2) in a 145-pound main card bout at Combate Americas 35.

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“He looks like a technical brawler type, who when he gets you against the cage likes to take you down,” Guzman said of Estrada. “I’m working on countering his flurry, when he comes in with punches, so I’m going to keep my hands up, roll some punches and throw straight down the line. If I hit him with a good one, I’ll put him down.

“I feel like we have similar styles because I like to come forward as well. I feel like we’re going to bang it out, and who ever moves backs up first will probably have to go for the takedown, which isn’t going to be me. Either way, whichever way the fight goes, I’ll be ready for whatever he brings. It’s going to be a fun night.”

When it comes to 2019, Guzman wants to remain as active as possible and build himself into a recognizable figure in the featherweight division.

“I’m looking to get in as many fights as possible,” said Guzman. “If I can, I’d like to get in another three fights this year.

“I’m looking to go in there, every single one of these fights, and get my hand raised. The ultimate goal is to get some experience, improve my record, and fight the best fighters out there. I’m trying to get some recognition and make a name for myself.”