Aaron Rosa Not Impressed by Bobby Lashley, Wants UFC Shot

March 31, 2011

Aaron Rosa

Aaron Rosa

With four wins in a row, former Strikeforce fighter Aaron Rosa has put himself back in the heavyweight mix.

As he recently told MMAWeekly.com, the key to his resurgence since his loss to Rafael Feijao in November of 2009 is the fact that, “I didn’t let that fight against Feijao get me down.

“If you really want something, you’ve just got to keep going for it, no matter what. I really want this. I’ve got all my family supporting me and they keep pushing me forward.”

Wins over Robert Villegas and Jay Peche helped get Rosa back on track, but what really stood out to him was his three round war with Devin Cole in September.

“I thought it was my best fight to date,” he stated. “It really showed that I could push forward and keep going through adversity.

“He took me down, I fought off my back, I got back up and he hit me and I hit him. It not only showed that I had heart, but also the skill set to step up in competition.”

Rosa was able to carry over his momentum to last Friday’s Titan FC show, where he handily defeated former Ultimate Fighter cast member Abe Wagner via rear naked choke just under a minute into the second round.

“(He) came out aggressive and it kind of threw me off a little bit, but I regained composure,” said Rosa. “And after we had that first exchange, I came out on top and he was smiling, so that means I hit him hard and he knows what’s up and he just can’t run me over.

“I was surprised in the second round where he tried to come after me again, and what happened, happened.”

While Rosa is happy with the way he performed that night, he was not impressed with the evening’s headliner, Bobby Lashley, who survived severely gassing en route to a unanimous decision victory over John Ott.

“I don’t want to talk too much smack, but (the way he won) just looks bad,” commented Rosa.

“I watched the whole film of where he has his own training facility in Colorado at high altitude, and he has all these nice things like people giving him massages. You see what that dude’s got and he can’t last 15 minutes? That’s ridiculous.”

Since he’s currently working a job that routinely forces him to work 11 hours a day on top of his training routine, Rosa doesn’t like to look too far ahead of himself when it comes to the fight game, but he does have one wish he’d like to see come true.

“My main goal is that I want to fight for the UFC one day,” he admitted. “I just want one fight; just give me the opportunity to do it. I think I’ve proved myself over my career that I can compete.

“I just want one chance, and if you give me that chance, I’ll take it.”

Should Rosa continue his winning ways, there’s no reason why he could not receive his dream shot, and he promises if he gets it, he’ll make it work while to the fans that come out to support him.

“I want to thank God, my family, Richard Odoms, Pete Spratt, Rodrigo Pinheiro, Mike Rangel and all the people who have been driving me forward and helping me since I started fighting,” said Rosa in closing.

“To the fans, I promise you for sure I’m not going to get tired in my fights; I’m going to try to put people out one way or another. I know people pay money to watch what we do, so I’m going to do my best to give them the best show that they pay for.”