Aaron Blackwell Has All the Confidence to Win BAMMA Bantamweight Belt

September 8, 2016

For English bantamweight veteran Aaron Blackwell, the past five years have been the most productive of his career.

After struggling with inconsistencies to start off his career, Blackwell has won seven bouts in a row, to which he credits his teammates and coaches, and move to 135-pounds as the biggest factors in his success.

“I really put it down to two things, my athletic ability at bantamweight,” Blackwell told MMAWeekly.com. “I’m stronger, faster, fitter and more rounded than anyone else in the division.

“My speed and athleticism is a massive advantage in this division, add to this my experience and winning mental attitude and it’s clear why I’m continuing to beat all opposition.”

After spending much of the past year out of competition, Blackwell (15-9-1) returns to fighting in a 135-pound main card title challenge against incumbent champion Alan Philpott (15-8) at BAMMA 26 on September 10 in Dublin, Ireland.

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“I take each fight one fight at a time and take it very seriously, making sure I never take anyone lightly in this sport,” said Blackwell. “Of course there is always more pressure for a title at this level but I have excellent preparation which gives me all the confidence I need to win.”

When it comes to how he matches up with Philpott, Blackwell believes he is the more consistent in-cage performer, and it’s only a matter of time before his opponent slips up, and he’s able to take advantage.

“I’m looking at Philpott statically and it’s all in my favor despite him currently being the champion,” Blackwell said. “It’s clear that he’s inconsistent, desperate and reckless by his up and down record.

“He struggles at high level competition, always being defeated when he fights guys with solid experience, and his team is also very inconsistent around him with most of them losing or drawing recently which must play on his mind and trust in them.”

Though he’s been fighting for well over 10 years, Blackwell still has things he wants to accomplish in his career, first and foremost, he’s looking to lay claim to his first major MMA championship.

“I have long term goals like any good athlete, but right now my only focus is winning the BAMMA bantamweight title,” said Blackwell.

“(I’d like to say a) massive thank you to all my coaches, teammates, my wife, family and friends for supporting and being a big part of my success.”

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