September 24, 2005

By Damon Martin
In one of the more interesting fights on the Pride Bushido show, Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett will make his return to Japan to take on Dokonjonosuke Mishima in an alternate bout for the lightweight tournament. Just a few months ago, Mishima would have definitely been a pick to compete in the tournament but after losing by submission to Yves Edwards in the May Bushido show, he has been relegated to alternate status. Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett was last seen in a Pride ring knocking out Yoshira Maeda, but is coming off of a TKO loss himself just a month ago in a Gladiator Challenge show in Oregon.

“Krazy Horse” has to be seen as one of the most unorthodox fighters in the world, and a great many times that serves him very well as his opponents are thrown off by his brash style and demeanor in the ring. He definitely possesses knockout power and a willingness to go toe to toe with any fighter he matches up with. Bennett was looking very solid when he took on tournament favorite Takanori Gomi late last year, and even when Gomi has him twisted and locked into a kimura, he never gave up and the referee had to stop the fight to prevent Bennett from being seriously injured.

Mishima, a veteran of both DEEP and Shooto, is making his fourth appearance in Pride and will be looking to get back to his winning ways in this fight. Mishima has shown great will and determination in all of his fights and definitely has the ability to stand and fight or go the ground and get a submission

Charles Bennett has said that he is okay with going to the ground, but it’s all smoke and mirrors when he says that because “Krazy Horse” wants a knockout and he’ll want to keep this on the feet. Bennett has extremely dangerous hands and if he catches Mishima, he could put him to sleep early. Mishima is a more well rounded fighter and has the ability to end it standing or on the ground, and that could play a big factor in this fight.

Bennett is one of the more hold and cold fighters out there, because when he’s on his game he’s a top notch competitor but he doesn’t always seem to show up when it’s fight time. Mishima will be looking to show that he deserved to be in the tournament, and that his loss to Edwards, while convincing, is a fight that he could win if he had another shot. I think Bennett is an exciting fighter with a great personality for this sport, but he’ll never be great until he truly focuses on training and preparing for his fights and opponents.

Prediction: Mishima by submission, Rd. 1