A Frustrated Chris Weidman Wants Rematch; Plans to Appeal UFC 210 Outcome

(Courtesy of MMAFightingonSBN)

Chris Weidman’s UFC 210 fight with Gegard Mousasi ended amidst a swirl of controversy. Though the fight was initially halted due to Mousasi landing illegal knees, while Weidman was recovering, the referee changed his determination, calling the knees legal.

While all of that was unfolding, the ringside physicians entered the Octagon and determined the fight should be stopped, which it was, with the victory awarded to Mousasi.

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Now, Weidman is calling for an immediate rematch and also intends to appeal the outcome of the fight. 

Mousasi, meanwhile, sounds amenable to a rematch, though he is more focused on getting to a title shot. UFC president Dana White didn’t sound so inclined. Do you think the outcome warrants a rematch?

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