A Few MMA Industry Folk Share Their Halloween Costume Plans

In the spirit of spookiness, MMAInsider asked several professional fighters and industry people what they were dressing up as for Halloween. Here are the answers we got:

Clay Guida: The Dude, El Duderino
Josh Burkman: Captain Jack Sparrow, eyeliner and all!
Joe Lauzon: Diego, from Dora the Explorer
Vinny Magalhaes: I have no idea. I have to talk to Junie Browning and Shawn Thompkins.
Brad Blackburn: “Hawk” one of the WWF Road Warriors
Dennis Kang: Something original like a vampire or something…
Ken Pavia: Dressing up as Tiki Ghosen, passing out candy and scaring kids.
Kim and Randy Couture: Nothing, we are just training, eating and sleeping right now. We’re boring!
Karo Parisyan: Going as Manny (Gamburyan)
Manny Gamburyan: U texted the wrong number.
Brett Rogers: C’mon now, you know…the GRIM.
Bart Palaszewski: I’m not, taking it easy tonight because my bachelor party is tomorrow night.
Ryan Bader: The best carebears you have ever seen. Full body paint.
CB Dollaway: See above.
“Razor” Rob McCullough: The “cowboy killer”
Ben Rothwell: It’s a picture on my myspace. I don’t know what to call it. (note: It’s a skull with a lot of hair and sharp teeth)
Mark Pavelich: I never dressed up even when I was a kid but I do have Elite XC, IFL, TKO, and AFL tombstones on my front lawn.
Jamie Varner: 80’s rock star.
Eddie Bravo: George W as Satan.
Marcus Davis: Mike Goldberg.
Carlos Condit: A rabbi.
Josh Thomson: A chick magnet!
Mike Pyle: Your mama!