A Canadian newspaper used a photo of Daniel Cormier for Jon Jones arrest

September 29, 2021

A Canadian newspaper has made an epic and hilarious mistake in its coverage of the Jon Jones arrest. The unnamed newspaper ran a photo accompanying their coverage of the UFC Hall of Famers arrest, except they used a photo of Daniel Cormier instead of Jones. 


The mistake is heightened, of course, by the fact that Jones and Cormier have famously feuded over the years. There’s real hate on Cormier’s end for a multitude of reasons and he’s probably not going to like being associated with yet another Jones arrest, especially of this nature. 

Jones was arrested on Friday in Las Vegas on domestic violence charges. His daughter requested hotel staff call the police after Jones allegedly assaulted her mother, Jones’ fiance. 

Cormier talked about the arrest while appearing on ESPN. 

Jon Jones releases first statement following domestic violence arrest

“Dana has said multiple times, ‘We can’t get him into Vegas, not even for 12 hours,’ but what has been proven time and time again is that the trouble seems to follow Jones,” Cormier said on ESPN. “Because he’s gotten in trouble in Albuquerque, he’s gotten in trouble in New York. He’s gotten in trouble but this time it seems very serious.

Cormier also reflected on his past with Jones. 

“I said some things back in 2017 before we fought the second time,” Cormier said. “I spoke to mistakes and how when you make mistakes, they change you. Jones obviously doesn’t learn from the mistakes. But I also take a bit of responsibility because I think in a lot of situations, you learn when you have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and I said on the Countdown show before the fight, the way Jon Jones makes changes is by losing to me. I didn’t beat him. Chael Sonnen didn’t beat him. So many people didn’t beat him. We never forced him to look in the mirror and reevaluate his behaviors outside, because all the bad behavior still led to success. So why change it? It’s unfortunate.

Jones and Cormier fought twice with Jones winning both match-ups although their second bout was later declared a no-contest after Jones was flagged for performance-enhancing drugs. 

Dana White reacts to Jon Jones’ statement following arrest with a short and brutal response