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Darren Till Earns Controversial Decision Ov...

May 27, 2018NoNo Comments1035 Views

Darren Till picked up a win in the biggest fight of his career, but it didn't come without controversy.

Stephen Thompson UFC 217 Media Day

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson Do...

May 27, 2018NoNo Comments831 Views

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson doesn't agree with the UFC's decision to introduce an interim welterweight title in June

Stephen Thompson

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson to...

May 24, 2018NoNo Comments983 Views

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson knows that Darren Till is being touted as the next big thing so he plans on proving why he's still the No.

Stephen Thompson

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson vs...

Mar 29, 2018NoNo Comments956 Views

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson will travel across the pond for the main event in Liverpool as he takes on local favorite Darren Till on May 27

Stephen Thompson

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson vs...

Mar 23, 2018NoNo Comments1476 Views

Darren Till was already announced as one half of the UFC Liverpool headliner, but now it looks like he'll face Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson.

Stephen Thompson

Dana White: Stephen ‘Wonderboy’...

Nov 08, 2017NoNo Comments1852 Views

A welterweight main event appears headed for London in 2018.

Stephen Thompson

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson Ou...

Nov 04, 2017NoNo Comments1177 Views

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson bounces back from a loss in his last fight to earn a victory over Jorge Masvidal.

Stephen Thompson

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson vs...

Aug 17, 2017NoNo Comments2156 Views

A huge welterweight fight is headed for Madison Square Garden

UFC Fight Night Ottawa Video: Stephen Thomp...

Jun 14, 2016NoNo Comments1334 Views

After tearing every ligament in his left leg while competing a professional kickboxer, Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson was told he may never fight again.

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson Ou...

Oct 26, 2012NoNo Comments1016 Views

The injury plague of 2012 continues to rear its ugly head and the latest victim is UFC 154 fighter Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson.

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson &#...

Apr 19, 2012NoNo Comments857 Views

UFC 145 fighter Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson presents a new blog exclusively for as he heads into his battle against Matt Brown in Atlanta.

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson Wi...

Mar 11, 2012NoNo Comments927 Views

Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson has heard it all. His record is overinflated, they don't like his nickname, etc. Instead of letting it bother him, he uses

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson Me...

Feb 11, 2012NoNo Comments1458 Views

A welterweight fight is in the works with dynamite written all over it. Fresh off of his 'Knockout of the Night' debut at UFC 143,

From Karate Kid to Wonderboy, Stephen Thomp...

Feb 10, 2012NoNo Comments2939 Views

It's nice to have people like Joe Rogan and Dana White complimenting your debut performance in the UFC, and that's just what happened for Stephen

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson &#...

Feb 09, 2012NoNo Comments1390 Views

Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson presents the final installment of his video blog exclusively for with behind the scenes access for his UFC 143 debut fight

Greg Jackson

MMAWeekly Radio Tuesday: Greg Jackson and S...

Feb 07, 2012NoNo Comments872 Views

Coach Greg Jackson and UFC 143 'Knockout of the Night' winner Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson highlight Tuesday's edition of MMAWeekly Radio.

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson: F...

Feb 04, 2012NoNo Comments830 Views

If you meet Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson he'll likely greet you with a smile...that is unless you're the unlucky soul locked in a cage with him.

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson &#...

Feb 02, 2012NoNo Comments713 Views

Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson presents his latest video blog exclusively for, just days before his debut at UFC 143.

Dustin Poirier

MMAWeekly Radio Wed: Dustin Poirier, Stephe...

Feb 01, 2012NoNo Comments767 Views

MMAWeekly Radio is back for Wednesday's edition of the big show with UFC 143 fighters Dustin Poirier and Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson as well as debate

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson &#...

Oct 31, 2011NoNo Comments1161 Views

Rising star Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson presents his new video blog series 'History in the Making' exclusively for

Meet GSP’s Secret Weapon: Stephen ...

Oct 14, 2011NoNo Comments4153 Views

A lot of competitors in the world of MMA believe they were destined to be fighters from a very young age. Not very many

Darren Till and Stephen Thompson UFC Liverpool Post-Fight

Darren Till, Stephen Thompson Address Contr...

May 27, 2018NoNo Comments1171 Views

Darren Till and Stephen Thompson's fight didn't go how hardly anyone expected. It went the distance and the decision was shrouded in controversy.

Darren Till taunts Stephen Thompson - UFC Liverpool

Did Darren Till Get a Hometown Nod Over Ste...

May 27, 2018NoNo Comments837 Views

Check out highlights from Darren Till's decision win over Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson at UFC Fight Night 130 on Sunday in Liverpool, England.

UFC Liverpool Thompson vs Till Live Results

UFC Fight Night 130 Results: Thompson vs. T...

May 27, 2018NoNo Comments2059 Views

The first UFC Fight Night 130: Thompson vs. Till bout from Liverpool, England, is scheduled to begin on Sunday, May 27, at 10 a.m. ET

Darren Till - UFC Liverpool Weigh-ins

UFC Liverpool Main Event Intact After Darre...

May 26, 2018NoNo Comments827 Views

The UFC Fight Night 130 main event was cast into doubt following Saturday's official weigh-in, but will move ahead after the fighters agreed to terms.

Stephen Thompson vs Darren Till - UFC Liverpool Face-Off

UFC Liverpool: Thompson vs. Till Weigh-in V...

May 26, 2018NoNo Comments911 Views

The UFC Fight Night 130: Thompson vs. Till fight card remained intact following Saturday's weigh-ins, but just barely. 

Stephen Thompson: ‘Be Careful What Yo...

May 24, 2018NoNo Comments904 Views

Former title challenger Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson believes rising star Darren Till made a big mistake by calling him out.

Stephen Thompson

‘Wonderboy’ Issues Fair Warning...

Mar 31, 2018NoNo Comments1295 Views

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson plans on reminding Darren Till why he's the No. 1 ranked welterweight contender in the world when they meet in Liverpool in

‘Wonderboy’ Pumps the Brakes on...

Nov 08, 2017NoNo Comments1698 Views

'Wonderboy' has never been offered or accepted a fight with Darren Till

Jorge Masvidal, Stephen Thompson, Julianna Pena

UFC Singapore Q&A with Stephen Thompso...

Jun 16, 2017NoNo Comments1307 Views

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson, Julianna Pena and Jorge Masvidal fielded questions from the fans prior to the Fight Night Singapore weigh-in on Saturday.