We had the fans of MMAWeekly.com vote for who they thought was the fight of the year. The fans have spoken and you voted Stephan Bonnar vs Forrest Griffin as the fight of the year in 2005.

Here was the official breakdown of how the fans voted at MMAWeekly.com.

Total 19,201 votes cast.

Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar – 39.54%

Fedor Emelinaneko vs Mirko Cro Cop – 22.95%

Shogun Rua vs Minotoro Nogueira – 17.16%

Frank Trigg vs Matt Hughes 2 – 13.69%

Takanori Gomi vs Kawajiri – 6.65%

MMAWeekly.com spoke with the two combatants, Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin about being named as the Fight of the Year of 2005.

Bonnar said quote “Wow, I’m flattered. Defense is overrated anyway. If you get punched in the face enough it’s good to know people love that.” Bonnar said with a laugh. “I loved the Shogun vs Minotaro fight personally, but I’m flattered the fans voted that way.”

Griffin equally as funny finding out he won the 2005 Fight of the Year. “Wow, that’s great. I’m glad me getting punched in the head and showing my lack of boxing skills is something the fans can appreciate. Thank you to the fans.”

The other fights were just as deserving but why did this fight rise to the top? Mike Goldberg, the play by play voice of the UFC said it best when he came on MMAWeekly Radio.

“Not only was the fight a thriller with the guys going the full fifteen minutes and throwing, but I think more importantly, if you think about the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and what that particular fifteen minutes did to our sport, and I hope did for every fighter, that to me tells me it was fight of the year. That to me tells me it had an impact much larger than the impact that took place in the octagon. For that reason, it may be the greatest fight of all time when we sit back and reflect in twenty years.”

He continued, “There may be better battles. There may be bigger fights. There may be title fights that are just amazing like with [Randy] Couture and [Pedro] Rizzo 1, when it went back and forth and Randy finally won in the 4th round, but to me the statement that, that made, allowing Mixed Martial Arts to arrive to the mainstream fan, what it has led to for the UFC, what it will lead to for the Mixed Martial Arts world just defines that fight in a way that no other fight can carry those kind of ramifications. I mean to have the story book ending to what was this Cinderella soap opera, if you will, which was ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ season one, you couldn’t have written a better script. There’s no question about it.”

Goldberg further commented, “I think when you look at the pure numbers and the households that we reached, for a period of that fight, for a seven minute period of that fight we had over ten million viewers on Spike TV, and that’s why I define that fight in a different fashion.”