by Jeff Cain
You heard from his opponent, Josh Koscheck, earlier in the week. Pete “The Secret Weapon” Spratt makes his UFC return August 6th, live on Spike TV, against the wrestling stand out, Koscheck. Spratt recently spoke with MMAWeekly SoundOff Radio about his preparation, and his up coming bout. Sixteen fighters in sixteen days persists with Pete Spratt.

Koscheck’s a national champion wrestler with limited Mixed Martial Arts experience while Pete Spratt’s been in the game a long time. This fight is a conflict of youth verses experience, of wrestler vs. striker. Pete Spratt’s looking to defeat a fighter with the notoriety of the reality show while Koscheck wants to add a name like Spratt to his hit list.

Asked about Koscheck, Pete Spratt said, “All I know is what I’ve seen on a couple of his fights on the show…I don’t know how much one can improve in six months verses me doing this stuff for six years…It’s going to be an interesting match up…If his cardio’s not up to par, and the fight goes to the later rounds it’s going to be pretty tough.”

Pete’s training has been going great, and he’s joined a new team. “When I got offered this fight, you know, I had to do some soul searching, and I got with a new team man. I’m with the Dallas Lion’s Den, so I’m training with Guy Mezger, Alex Antrade, Tre (Telligman)…Hiro, Chris Bowlds. I’ve got a whole stable of guys.” Spratt told MMAWeekly.

Further commenting, Pete added, “This is the longest that I’ve ever trained for a fight. The first time I’ve actually got to do regular sparring for a fight. It’s going to be good. When I fought Lawler I sparred one time the whole camp…I’ve been getting…sparring at least four times a week. I feel good man. I’m really excited. I haven’t been this excited since I fought Robbie, and it’s going to be a great opportunity.”

Looking at the match up, it’s the classic match up of one fighter wanting to take it to the ground, and the other wanting to keep it standing. Pete’s going to have to defend the take down against Koscheck to be successful. Asked about how he’s going to do that, Pete said, “That’s something that I’ve been working on exclusively for the past month and a half, and we’ve got a great game plan for this fight. It’s…who can impose their will. You know?”

Pete continued, “If you take me to the ground don’t forget that I do have some submissions in my arsenal. Now whether I choose to use them or not is a different story, but they are there, and if you make a mistake I will catch you, and capitalize on them.”

Breaking the bout down as he foresees it happening, Spratt commented, “My plan is, of course, to keep it standing. You know? I mean this is going to throw a wrench in someone’s motor, but I’ve been training with the Lion’s Den…so there is no kickboxing going on with Pete Spratt right now, so don’t anticipate getting a high kick, and going in for your shot because it’s not going to happen…The only time I’m going to throw a kick is if I get him bent over, or later in the round when he’s tired.”

Pete added, “I have no desire to throw high kicks. I mean I learned that against Carlos. You know? I’m not going to throw the kicks early while some body’s fresh. My plan is to get you tired. You know? Defend his shots. Keep making him work. Keep getting back up. Him having to keep shooting, and keep working. It’s going to be more fatigue on him. You know, so take him to the later rounds, and do what I do best. Try to keep it standing, and go for the KO.”