Zuffa Releases Marloes Coenen, Valentijn Overeem and Jon Olav Einemo from Team Golden Glory

August 3, 2011
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Marloes Coenen

The Team Golden Glory vs. Zuffa battle is heating up as three more of the fighters from the Holland stable have been cut from Strikeforce and the UFC.

According to lead trainer Martijn de Jong, who first put the news out on his Twitter and later confirmed to MMAWeekly.com via email, former Strikeforce champion Marloes Coenen, Valentijn Overeem, and UFC heavyweight Jon Olav Einemo have all been released from their contracts.

The news is the latest strike thrown by Zuffa against Team Golden Glory after the initial move that saw Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem put on the chopping block.

Apparently, Zuffa and Team Golden Glory are not getting along, which may be a vast understatement considering the news from Wednesday.

Coenen is the former Strikeforce bantamweight champion, who just lost her belt to Miesha Tate last weekend in Chicago. Valentijn Overeem is also coming off a loss from his last bout against Chad Griggs, while Jon Olav Einemo only got one fight in the UFC, where he was defeated by Dave Herman at UFC 131.

The only fighter left under a Zuffa contract that currently fights full time out of the Golden Glory gym in Holland is current Strikeforce heavyweight Grand Prix fighter Sergei Kharitonov.

Kharitonov is currently slated to take on Josh Barnett in the semifinal round of the tournament on Sept. 10 in Cincinnati.

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  • Unador

    Well, dagumit, what in the flame is going on here?
    BAH, we didn’t need to lose a female fighter, certainly not a champion caliber fighter!
    I know noting about the business politics of these organizations, but why is everyone at odds with Zuffa? And why are we as the viewers and fans paying the price?
    Isn’t Zuffa and Spike having some kind of fall out too?
    and then they talk about dropping female mma
    and then they drop some top male fighters too.

    • Lobstar

      Most people learn from mistakes. Overeem became K1 Champ and didn’t received payement by the organisation which, later on, went bankrupt.
      Zuff treats fighters like cattle. Do you think Rick Story would have won if he had more time then 4 weeks to prepare after the Thiago Alves fight? I do. Ofcourse he (and management) sais yes, but the organisation should’t propose a fight eitherway.
      Overeem went on holiday because the fight was is oct, and has a badly broken rib (medically confirmed). When he came back Zuffa says: Hé buddy you’ve gotta fight the biggest fight yet in sept. Seriously Zuffa is full of crap. They only care about the money. They rather have made champs like Lesnar.
      HW GP is worth shit without Overeem.

  • Business as usual.

  • armendo420


    • “LEAVE BRITTNEY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      Someone needs a Midol, warm bath and a nap.

  • browill70

    I take it that Dana White definitely holds a grudge against Alistar Overeem and Golden Glory. This is what happens when you cross Dana White. Let the pissing match begin….

  • Darren2112

    I like to match female MMA because I am hoping for some sort of “wardrobe malfunction”.

    Plus I think one of these days those girls are just going to start making out in the middle of their fight.

    It’s just a metter of time…

  • j-k-martin

    Zuffa is throwing its weight around, but they better be careful. If they cut too many fighters they may end up creating another competitor.

    • Cptmats

      josh martin ?

  • Meh they didnt cut anyone who matters.

  • clizzark

    Zuffa is headed by douchebags.

    “Be our slaves and let us exploit you or we’ll cut you! You want to get paid fairly? Too damn bad, we’re greedy as hell!”

  • jared499

    All those upset at UFC are more then likely the same people that have always disliked the UFC. Say what you want about the way they conduct buisiness, but it is the only way that has worked thus far. They continue to eat up and spit out the competetion (Pride, Affliction, SF), because they put out a good product and are trying to build the market.

    Here is something for all you “they don’t pay the fighters enough” how much did NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, and Boxing athletes make during the beginning stages of development of the leagues, not much. UFC will some day be able to pay people the bigs buck when they achieve the global goal. Until then, people are just going to have to negotiate with UFC, or go to Bellator, which in hindsight, bet Bellator is licking their lips right now. Although they may want to rethink any plans of contending with the UFC, unless they are thinking of selling the company in about 12-18 months.

    • Unador

      How much is enough that is my question.
      I hear about 70k bonuses for fight of the night and knockout and submission. I think that’s a great bonus. That should pay your living expenses for a year or so.
      But am not sure about the varying prices they are paying these guys to fight.
      Did Hendo really get 800K, I mean holy sheite, that’s plenty of cash.
      I suspect there are huge costs for training camps and coaching. Maybe it’s not that the fighters aren’t getting paid enough,maybe it’s them getting gouged by their camps?, coaches? managers?
      I dunno, but I also heard Fedor got 1.2 mil?! and he’s broke?
      Someone is taking advantage of that guy for sure if that’s the case.

  • WGF_Daniel

    Valntijn sucks beyond reciginition dudes 25 and 27 and hes fighting in a top league. that was retarded. allistair looked horrible against Werdum and woukld get recked against Cain DOs Santos, or Mir. Shit i had Big foot silva kickin his ass to get to thee finals. Einemo sucked in his debut, but i do agree cutin Coenen,was retarded. There is also something going on that isnt seen. Dana didnt get the other punishment athletic fighters when he was feuding wit tito. quit hating and think for once be4 opening ur mouth

  • clizzark

    Anyone who constantly defends the UFC clearly has their heads up their ass, and don’t care about what is right, just, fair and honest. You’re a sheep who can’t think for yourself, so you let Dana do it for you.

    Valentijn might not have been good, but you’re an idiot if you think Mir could beat Alistair. Overeem would destroy Mir worse than Lesnar or Carwin did. He didn’t look good in the Werdum fight because Werdum was too scared to fight. If you want to see bad then just watch Mir against either Lesnar or Carwin, and hell, he didn’t look all that good against either of Fatty Nelson or Mirko Overthehillcop.

    As for Einemo, his fight won FOTN honors, and if you can keep Tito Ortiz around after going winless in 5 straight fights, then you should be able to give a fighter another chance after losing just 1 fight, especially a HW since the UFC’s HW division is a joke.

    • jared499


      Well for those of us who defend the UFC, I guess we are sheep (as you said). What does that make those of you who are constanly degrading the UFC, JACKASSES, in my opinion.

      I for one watch MMA for the fights. Unfortunatley one promotion has done a more consistent job in providing a platform for me to see those fights. Now I am not saying that I did not watch Pride/Affliction/SF, what I am saying is, that whatever business practice they used as a model, was wrong and did not work. They try to contend with the UFC and ultimately that leads to their demise.

      That being said, as to the point about money. Was the money that much of a different in any of those promotions, except for the big stars that they were luring away from the UFC, I dont think so. Because in the end we are not talking about Fedor, Anderson, Lesnar money, we are talking about what the low-middle tier fighters make.

      If you want to sling mudd at people, you may want to get yourself first, cuz you are just as bad, only on the opposite side.

      • clizzark

        I don’t constantly degrade the UFC, only when they pull things like this. Why in the hell do you think it’s OK for them to bully fighters around? I’d like to see MMA as a legit pro sport, but when they keep pulling bushleague crap like this?

        • jared499


          Listen, Reem got cut, because he tried to pull the same hard nose negotiating that Fedor and M-1 tried for years. Why is it ok for the UFC (Zuffa) to “bully” fighters? They don’t, they make an offer you don’t like it go somewhere else and fight. The downside to that for you, you are not going to find another promotion that will pay the same as the deal you turned down from the UFC, you are not going to be promoted as well as the UFC promotes their roster of fighters, and most of all you are not goign to face the level of competition as you would in the UFC.

          What did Overeem get out of all of this, less money and all the critics saying he is ducking the best fighters because he is an overhyped fighter.

          P.S. I am sick of everyone assuming that the fighters should get a bigger chunk of the pie. Some fighters get their fair share, it is the lower and mid-level guys that are getting lowballed. Plus the promotions pony up all this money to put out the product, promote the fights, and expand the sport to make it into the “Legit Sport” that you claim you want. Again I say, no sport has ever started off by paying their athletes a high salary, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL. Just ask Johnny U, Ty Cobb, George Mikan, and most of the NHL how much they made when the leagues were so young. You are trying to move this thing to fast, it takes time to build a new sport.

          • clizzark

            Reem got cut because he tried to pull hard nose negotiating? Well, you know what is awfully funny? Nick Diaz got an undeserved title shot for doing the same exact thing! Oh, and this is a fighter that Dana White said wouldn’t be in the UFC because he won’t play the game and blah blah blah. Most of the things that comes out of Dana White’s mouth is garbage. If you don’t think they bully fighters then you are awfully ignorant or you barely follow the sport at all.

            You’re sick of everyone assuming that fighters should get a bigger chunk of the pie? Well, that’s because you have your head up Dana White’s ass. Why in the hell are you brining up Johnny U, Ty Cobb, George Mikan and such? They don’t play in the modern day. You’re trying to compare salaries from quite different eras. Yes, we know there are some fighters who get paid well and some that are even overpaid.

          • jared499


            First of all I completely agree that Nick Diaz should not have received a title shot first thing coming into the UFC, but what else were they going to do? The top ranked fighters have all been dominated by GSP, Fitch, Shields, KOS, Alves (why is he still ranked), and Penn. Condit is the next in line but he is still one win away because of the loss to Kampman, he wins his next fight and he will get the next title shot.

            As for the negotiating of contracts, I don’t remember reading that Diaz wanted a percentage of the gate and PPV buys like Overeem and Golden Glory wanted. That’s a Lesnar contract, and the only reason that the UFC gave him such a contract is because it was well known that he was already a huge PPV draw and would continue big numbers. Reem is not in the same situation, he is not known for drawing that well yet because he has not had a strong promotion promoting him like the UFC would.

            As for the comparison in salaries, earlier, and on a different article apparently, I made multiple comments about the sport of MMA being in its early stages, “infancy” if you will. Any sports league or promotion has to have these early stages of development to be able to expand the sport to the masses and therefore expand the compensation to the participants. MMA is still in this “infancy” stage. As fast as it has grown, it is still dominated by all the other major sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, and Boxing) and therefore can not compensate its athletes in the same manner. The reference to the old timers in the different sports was references to the amounts of money that was made when these sports were in their “infancies” as well. Now the next thing that you will probably say is the difference in era and money. I am sorry but if you look back, the amount of monies that were being paid to these old timers was equal to that paid to normal everyday job, so much so that many athletes had to have part-time or summer jobs to make ends meet, sound familiar. Furthermore it is simply bad business to pay these athletes insane contracts without the solidity of the sport being assured or reached. As shown by the numerous examples of other promotions (Pride, Affliction, and Strikeforce) trying to pay fighters huge contracts to lure them away from the UFC and then forced to sell their organizations to the very same company (UFC) after a few years. The story consistently repeats itself. So if Bellator execs are reading this, lay low, don’t repeat the same mistakes that these others have made.

            If the MMA continues to grow at the rate that it is, fighters will be compensated at higher rates. But if the UFC were make that leap now, it would put itself in the very same position that those other promotions did with the exception that there would not be a company able to buy them out because no one would be left.

            Lastly, you assume that no one has the right to opinion if it differs from yours. I am sorry that I do not think that same way as you do. But I have tried to explain my comments the best way I can, other then saying “you must know nothing about the sport”, “you have your head up Dana’s a**!”, or the numerous other comments I constantly see you make when somebody has a different opinion then you. You have no idea what level of fan any of us are, so don’t assume. So you know, I have been a fan of MMA from the beginning. I watch all the fights that I can as long as it does not conflict with my business schedule, and when they do, I record them. I think that the only difference is that I am trying to look at it from not only the fan side but the business side as well. You sound like you may be bitter that the UFC has purchased these other promotions and forced you into having only a couple available promotions to watch. Don’t blame Dana and the UFC for these failures. Blame the leadership of those other promotions. They got in hard and fast, and left in the same manner. Scott Coker and Strikeforce is the biggest failure of them all, because they had a strong regional promotion, that I watched and liked, then they decided to step up and try to get into a bigger market. The problem was that they tried the exact same method that brought down both Pride and Affliction, and wouldn’t you know it had the same results.

            If I have to purchase more clues after these comments, then I guess I will, I can afford it. Because there is no room for debate with you, Dana is the Devil, UFC sucks, and only you have the knowledge to make comments about anything MMA, Must be hard being right all the time.

    • WGF_Daniel

      im not defending the ufc dick. sorry but overeem is over rated the list of dudes he has fought at heavywieght are weak. paul buentello, goodridge, random asian guys, todd duffee.mark hunt is like the only legit dude he has faught and even then he didnt rtade with him he took him down and subed him. those other guys are old hass beens or suck. dude was gased by th first round against werdum. bein yoked like that in mma isnt going to work. yea it will work n a k1 fight for a 3 minute round with 10 oz gloves to hide behind. ur jus sad cuz the ufc division boasts some bad ass dudes. but sf has big foot silva, daniel cormeir, sergie khartonov and barnett. not to metion up and comers like del rosario. who are great. not to mention some of the up and comers in bellator. Einemo is overrated, in the cage, but on the floor in ADCC i will give him props. but bro ur jus anit ufc because u dont like the mainstream type of deal. u thinks its cool to diss it. u probaly think art films are kool and listne to underground house music. i bet ull say dream boasts better lighter wieght class divisions than the ufc or bellator. and uncanny 390 gracias

      • clizzark

        WGF_Daniel, you obviously don’t have a clue, so why do you even bother posting? I’m not anti-UFC, I’m anti-UFC nuthugger (or any org for that matter). I’m against org nuthuggers whether it be Pride fanboys, UFC sheep, delusional SF fans, etc…

  • Yeah UFC treats its fighters like cattle. That big fighter seminar to teach them all how to do better in all aspects of the business and the free medical care they are now offering even when not fighting; shame on them.

    You guys are tools.

    • jared499


      Good call

  • Beaver

    The only fighter that really mattered that was cut is Coenen. Alistair has always ducked MMA fights because he’s only a striker. Putting him on his back is like trying to roll with a giant tortoise. These are all guys that would probably go back to K-1 anyways so why not just let them go. None of them, except Coenen, had ANY impressive fights.

    I have to agree with Uncanny390. Free health care is huge for a fighter…if your job is getting your ass kicked…and your employer will pay for anything that will happen to you physically…that amazing!! And yes Dana White can be an asshole…but he goes to bat for his fighters…how many times has he paid fighters their win bonuses after they loose to a shitty judges decision?!?!

    Every company has their growing pains…UFC is no different. At the end of the day its a business…and you have to do whats best for business and what puts the most money in the bank…getting rid of fighters that will probably jump ship anyways is good business.

    Besides paying for Overeems “broken ribs” and toes and hang nails would get expensive after a while.

    • clizzark

      When has Alistair ducked MMA fights? He’s only a striker? He has 19 submission victories. Jesus, man, go buy a clue. None had impressive fights except Coenen? Go buy another clue.

      How often has Dana paid a win bonus to fighter who got screwed by the judges? I don’t know, like twice or so.

      They’re not doing what is best for business. They kicked out legit HWs when their HW division is thin (just think who is next in line after the JDS/Velasquez fight and it’s really sad). How about they do what is best for the sport? No, the sport has trouble getting taken seriously by many because of Dana White. Jumping ship? Where is the proof that they were all going to jump ship to another org that could afford them?

      You constantly needing to buy a clue would get expensive after a while.

      • jared499


        Seriously, you come with that.

        Ok how many times has any other sports orginization given bonuses for getting screwed. You see it all the time, a bad call in the NFL, MLB, NBA, Boxing (especially Boxing) causing a team or boxer to lose. A statement is made, usually defending the call butn never saying well, we are going to gice them the bouns anyway.

        As far as the HW division being so weak. Whose is better, oh that’s right there is not another legit HW division that is not Zuffa controlled. Reem should have realize that. He goes to the UFC he is going to have major problems because his wrestling is horrid. The top five UFC HW’s (Cain, JDS, Mir, Lesnar, Carwin) would likely beat him by going to the ground using their wrestling. Oh and by the way of his 19 Submissions, the only name I can see is Vitor Belfort, who is more of a striker.

        The Proof about jumping ship, is Reem himself. He wins the SF HW title and defends it how many times, I will pay for this clue for you, 1x in three years. Choosing to fight in other promotions and K-1 instead of defending his title. That can not be done in the UFC when you defend your belt at least 2-3x per year depending on health.

        You may want to go to the bank as well, cause clues are just as expensive for you too.

        • clizzark

          How in the hell are you going to compare say, the UFC to the NFL? They’re different and the pay works differently. There are no win bonuses in the NFL (aside from the SB), and if there were, then there’s still a difference between paying 1 guy and paying 53 guys. I haven’t followed boxing that much in years, so I don’t know nor really care how they do things over there. When I did follow, it seemed that the boxers were more likely to get screwed out of money.

          OVereem’s wrestling is horrid? Go buy a clue. Mir? Lesnar? Carwin? Go buy more clues because you’re completely clueless. JDS and Velasquez are the ones with the best chance, but there’s still plenty of question marks.

          You will pay this clue for me? Where in the hell did you do that because you sure as hell didn’t do it there with your ignorant comments. Good God, you probably need to stop posting, too, because you don’t have much of an idea of what you’re talking about.