Zach Makovsky and Jussier Formiga to Square Off at UFC 176

May 6, 2014
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Zach MakovskyA flyweight fight between Jussier Formiga and Zach Makovsky has been verbally agreed to take place at UFC 176, officials announced on Tuesday evening.

The 125-pound tilt adds to the developing fight card, which takes place Aug. 2 in Los Angeles at Staples Center.

Formiga (16-3) is coming off one of the biggest wins in his career, a finish of Scott Jorgensen at a UFC Fight Night in Brazil last March. The Brazilian fighter holds a 2-2 record in the Octagon.

Makovsky (18-4) is undefeated in his two UFC bouts, picking up  a recent victory over Josh Sampo at UFC 170 last February, as well as a debut win over Jorgensen.

UFC 176 is scheduled to be headlined by a featherweight title fight featuring champion Jose Aldo defending his title a second time against Chad Mendes.

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  • Seth

    Formiga is coming of what…? He headbutted Scott and took advantage of it – even if headbutt was accidental, then he should said or do something after the fight to make it right – but he didn’t. Looks like he is cool with breaking rules. That’s cheating. Brazilian commission of course didn’t do anything.

    • shakejunt

      idk if i would call it “cheating,” but i see what you’re saying; he was acting like the win was legitimate. dont’ worry though, makovsky should be able to keep the pressure on and knock him back down a few pegs.

      • Seth

        I hope so. I say its cheating becuase he didn’t even try to make things right after the fight – to offer a rematch, or ask that fake commission to turn it NC. That headbutt was a factor in how the fight ended, since headbutting is against the rules – it should’ve been turned NC. He didn’t even mention that, so he has no problem with him breaking rules – means he has no problem with cheating.

        • shakejunt

          the fighter knows the rules, but it’s not their job to enforce them. the ref didnt’ see the headbutt and stopped the bout. even after seeing the replay, they cannot reverse the call right then and there. for example, bedord-yahya was ruled a nc on the spot, thus that’s how it stood. there does need to be more review put into incidents like this, but ultimately the ref’s call stands until a commission accepts an appeal and opens the case to investigate.

          could formiga have acknowledged what happened? sure, but not doing so doesn’t make him a dirty fighter…

          • Seth

            Commissions in USA many times overturned decisions. Brazilian Commission was looking into it when Jorgensen appealed to them with it and they did nothing. Im really curious why…oh, what, right! Jussier is brazilian…

          • shakejunt

            just curious, when was the last overturned call that wasn’t for a failed drug test?