Yves Edwards Retires from MMA, Closes Chapter on Memorable Career

November 30, 2014
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After more than 17 years as a professional fighter, Yves Edwards has retired from MMA.

The fighter made the announcement on Sunday evening through his fan page on Facebook.

Via Yves Edwards’ Facebook

Edwards made his professional debut in 1997, fighting for several promotions throughout his career, including Pride, WEC, Strikeforce, Bellator and most notably the UFC.

In 2001, Edwards made his first appearance in the UFC, losing a decision to Matt Serra at UFC 33. But arguably his most notable win came at UFC 49 against Josh Thomson. A flying head kick dropped Thomson and Edwards finished the bout with punches on the ground thereafter.

After appearing on several fight cards for various promotions, Edwards made his return to the UFC in 2010, winning his first two bouts. He saw unfavorable results for close to two years, however, not seeing a win in the Octagon since December of 2012, when he collected a Knockout of the Night award for his finish of Jeremy Stephens at UFC on FOX.

Edwards competed in 66 total fights, finishing his career with a record of 42-22-1, 1 NC.

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  • truth

    He is a GOAT no doubt. The UFC should honor him with a honorary lightweight belt. He was supposed to fight for the belt against Josh Thompson but the UFC didn’t do it because they were scrapping the division and it was actually the last lightweight fight the UFC did. He ends up KOing Josh with one of the best head kicks in MMA history. He was sadly ahead of his time but was one of the guys who created the “new” mix martial artist. Always a bittersweet moment to see the old guard sail into history. All the best Yves you made MMA what it is today.

    • Stevenbrogden

      I knew Yves in Houston in late 90s at Mousel’s. Way before his time. Nicest guy ever and a killer. You’re an inspiration Yves. Stay true.

  • silly

    If there is ever a legitimate mma athlete that belongs in the hall of fame.

    Sure Stephen Bonnar and Forest Griffin inspired a new flock of mma fans and yes, Griffin did manage to win a world title, but I would argue so did Yves.

    I remember back in the day being excited about an Yves edwards fight. His striking was unique for his time. Things did not pan out, maybe his lack of trash talking did not win him titles or gardner him attention from the masses, but he is no less one of the few inspirational fighters that belong in that conversation. I don’t think anyone would argue that he should be discussed amongst the very best such as Fedor and the lesser known but equally exciting but lesser known Igor Vovchanchyn.

    He was the UFC’s handful of “Pride-esque” fighters. It seems a shame that respectful fighters like these do not get recognized, but what really makes them great is that you never hear them ask for it. When they win, they win, when they lose, they gracefully bow out.

    one of the greatest.

  • shakejunt

    definition of veteran

  • DirtySue

    unofficial lightweight champ!

  • bill

    He has always been one of my favorite fighters. Even in recent times, i just wanted to see him do well. I personally have considered him a Champion since his fight with Josh.Seems like a great guy, never heard anything negative in all these years.