Yushin Okami Wants to Fight Michael Bisping Next; Bisping Says Get In Line

March 3, 2013
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Michael Bisping at UFC on Fox 2UFC middleweight Michael “The Count” Bisping seems to be on everyone’s radar.  Following Yushin Okami’s UFC on Fuel TV 8 win over Hector Lombard, Okami said he’d like to fight Bisping next.

“Join the back of the line is all I’m going to say,” responded Bisping during the UFC on Fuel TV post-show following the event.  “Everybody seems to call me out at the moment.  I’m happy with that.  It means I’m going to have a job for a long, long time.”

Okami is on a three-fight win streak and is currently ranked one spot below Bisping on the UFC Rankings at No. 4.

Bisping is scheduled to face Alan Belcher in the co-main event of UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen on April 27, but he is open to a fight with Okami at a later date.

“I’m fighting Alan Belcher and all my attention goes to him,” said Bisping.  “Yushin is an incredible opponent, and of course I’d like to fight him some day. I think I can beat him.  I’ll just throw that out there.”

Okami holds two wins over Belcher.  The two met at UFC 155 in December with Okami won by unanimous decision. The outcome was the same as when the two fought several years ago at UFC 62.

Bisping is coming off a knockout loss to Vitor Belfort.

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  • Bisping vs Okami is a good fight. Belcher should fight Lombard. Belcher is a harder fight for Bisping then Okami.

    • Served

      how do you figure??

      Okami is a much harder fight, esp. style-wise for Bisping. Okami is a superior grappler to Bisping (and Belcher for that matter) and it’ll be tough for Bisping to keep his distance and not get taken down by Okami.

      Belcher is a solid striker but if Bisping is able to control the feet (since on paper they’re about even on the feet), it’ll be difficult for Belcher to take down Bisping.

      Belcher vs Bisping is pretty even… maybe slight adv. to Bisping. But Bisping would definitely be underdog against Okami.

      Belcher vs. Lombard could be interesting. Belcher may win that if Lombard wants to just get into another slugfest, but if he actually decides to use his judo, then he should be able to control Belcher on the ground (although Belcher is an underrated grappler).

      • This is why.
        Bisping has good take down defense and is better then Okami on the feet. Bisping did handle Sonnen who has far better wrestling then Okami.

        Bisping cannot handle Belcher type of power. He has a tendency to get koed by power punchers.

        • comeon

          agreed okami is actually a good matchup the count, the ufc is $tupid in its matchups, they should have done belcher/lombard and okami/bisping.

          Okami like grapplers prevent good strikers from reaching silva and make this division a $hity one

        • RondaKenPish

          I dunno. Granted Okami is not the fastest fighter, the dude is big for a MW.

          Also, his chin is definitely suspect as of late.

          But I would say Yushin by SD or UD.

  • Timothy Malone

    This would be a great fight. Okami must want that title shot again because he is looking to take out all the top contenders.

  • DamianCross

    The fight makes sense ranking wise, but it would probably go to the decision and would not be very exciting.

    • DamianCross

      Downvote if you want. You know I’m right.

  • Tommy Blingshyne

    bisping has some underrated wrestling…if he could keep it standing he has a shot…

  • bajafox

    If he only knew they want to fight him because he is now officially the 185lb gate keeper.

    • Ian Price

      Yeah I doubt he’ll ever have a title shot after the Vitor KO

  • peacehugger

    Everybody wants Bisping.

  • Ian Price

    Okami has been training with Sonnen.

  • Joseph Abajian

    Yushin Okami should fight Chris Wiedman next.