“You’re Either Fighters or You’re Not,” Dana White Unsure Who Cheick Kongo is Waiting For

November 19, 2012
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Cheick Kongo at UFC 87After the debacle that resulted in the UFC 151 cancellation in September, the focus has seemingly been not on fighters that are stepping up to keep fights together, but the ones that are turning down fights, for whatever reason.

UFC president Dana White, meeting with reporters following UFC 154 on Saturday night, appears to be tiring of it.

The latest fighter to be targeted for turning down a fight is Cheick Kongo, who recently abstained when Shane Carwin fell out of the TUF 16 Finale main event with Roy Nelson due to a knee injury.

Kongo was asked to step in, but declined.

When it became public knowledge, Kongo took to Twitter to defend himself, tweeting, “I did NOT REFUSE to FIGHT Roy Nelson . I REFUSED to TAKE A FIGHT on SHORT NOTICE . Which is NOT THE SAME AT ALL.”

White, however, was not swayed. He remained critical Kongo’s decision, as well as others that decline to step in when asked.

“(Kongo) turned down the fight whether it was on short notice or whatever. It’s the second fight he’s turned down in a row,” White declared on Saturday night.

Though he didn’t exactly target Kongo with his follow-up comments, the outspoken UFC president believes that declining fights has become fairly common among fighters that, for whatever reason, are just too afraid of a loss.

“It’s a lot more normal with guys who are worried about losing,” White explained. “Guys who are in a position where if they lose, you know what I mean? You’re either fighters or you’re not. If you win you win, if you lose, back to the drawing board.

“That’s the business you’re in. When you turn down a fight, you turn down a fight, and that’s two in a row (for Kongo). I don’t know who he’s waiting for.”

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  • bajafox

    I think the fight with Meathead is better anyway.,,

    • Grant

      English, motherfucker. Do you speak it?

      • bajafox

        Hahahahaha, no I don’t grandmother fucker

  • gnodeb

    If this is a real sport I would understand his complains, but UFC is more entertainment then a serious competition… who cares if one singer didn’t show up on music festival… Also, if he is serious he would already find a way to organize an event without hoping that someone would accept fight on short notice…

    • #ForReal

      Real sport? Wow you’re an idiot. MMA is a real sport. WWE is entertainment. Big difference dude!!!!

      • MuayThaiFood

        I could be wrong, but I think the point gnodeb was struggling to make was that the UFC, at least from the standpoint of management, is about the bottom line first and competition second. Baseball teams don’t make it to the world series because they are more exciting than another team, they get there on their record alone.

        In the UFC the guy who talks the most or has the biggest Twitter following can get ahead of better and more deserving fighters. It seems to be moving more in that direction as of late. Look at Chael. He enters the light heavyweight division for the first time since 2006 and side steps around Forrest Griffin and gets handed Jon Jones. How can you take the process of earning a title shot seriously? A guy that hasn’t beat anyone notable at light heavyweight and was in fact beaten by Forrest already. Now he’s fighting for the title.

        The only reason Chael is fighting Jones is for entertainment value and the bottom line. He’s just one example out of many. Fans whine and cry because fighters don’t win fights the way they want them to. Maybe in 20 years the sport will evolve to include folding chairs in the Octagon. That would be exciting now wouldn’t it?

        • mma fan2

          No dude. Quit trying to interpret what an idiot like gnodeb is ” trying to say”. That makes you sound equally like an idiot.
          Your long winded comments pretty pathetic too. I mean seriously… ..don’t you have to be over 21 to post on here or a reasonable level of intelligence. Wow lol

          • Dale De Souza

            I not only found it intelligent, but quite witty. And I’m 21 with intelligence, what of it?

            He perceived gnodeb’s comment one way, and should not get chastised for it. Besides, he has a point. While Sonnen does pose a legit threat to Jones, Sonnen’s ability to sell a fight eclipsed his talents and his loss to Silva enough to where DW could justify the move by pointing to Sonnen’s willingness to “step up”, and so far, nobody’s even noticed how much DW has forgotten about all the praise he gave Hendo last year because of that thriller with Shogun.

            Simply put, Sonnen has the basic art to beat Jones, but he deserves the shot about as much as anyone else, even if all that matters to most is the fact that “he said yes when no one else did.”

            As for gnodeb, I don’t know exactly what he was trying to say in seriousness and I won’t decipher the entire thing myself, but I do agree with the whole “if he is serious he would already find a way to organize an event without hoping that someone would accept fight on short notice” part…

            …Seriously, what’s wrong with fighting a fight without excuses? We hate when dudes say they took it on short notice anyway, as well as when they talk about their injury after the fight, and even when they actually don’t use injury of short notice as excuses, we still remember they mentioned one of the two (or both) and act like they did make excuses.

            I welcome the fully-prepped fighter that will lose because “the better man won” as opposed to the dude who loses because “the fight was on short notice”…I love the warrior mentality too, but if we’re so damn sick of it, let’s embrace those that actually want to give us an honest, watchable contest.

          • Chris

            He had an excellent point. Most sports allow the best to fight the best, whereas the UFC has an interest in putting the most marketable fighters against other marketable fighters. That’s why people like BJ Penn is marketed so much even though he’s not a champion anymore. If anyone sounds idiotic here, it’s you “mma fan2” for bashing a guy who made a really great point.

            He used his intelligence to make an interpretation whereas you used your childish nature to say “Nuh uh, your opinion is stupid and I think you’re a big doo-doo head”

        • Aaron

          It’s about time someone says this. I am not sure why we as fans allow them to get away with this? I stopped buying bs fights. It clearly isn’t going to change anything but thats how i vote. It’s just too bad that most of these kids are too young to even see this as an issue.

        • gnodeb

          Thanks. Also, in real competition you can not turn down a “fight” without dropping in standing. In MMA… there is no standings at all…

          • PhranktheTank

            Ok, stop referring to MMA as anything other than real competition. The politics may be ridiculous, as well as some less than desirable matchmaking, but once the bell sounds its a real sport and its all real competition.

    • mma Jones

      Lol what an idiot u are. Lol I think you meant to be on the wwe website lol

    • Yannick Messaoud

      so ya been watching mma for 2 weeks now good. UFC is all about competition, and its the best sport on earth.

  • I wish they offered The Reem to Kongo. Would be a great kickboxing match. I kind of like Kongo but he says things like how if he fights Cain again it will be a different story but then he turns downs two fights in a row where it will boost him up in the division.

    • I think Kongo turns that fight down as well.

      • lol … at this point I wouldn’t be surprised. At high level though he should be available to take on any fighter at any moments notice. Guy has talent. Comes in shape. I mean c’mon man. Now he’s making bad business decisions and losing fan base I would assume as well. And sorry to say, that fight goes the same way, b/c the gap in wrestling is way to far for him to handle Cain in any way.

  • Eh-P

    I’m siding with Kongo on this one. The dude took Cain on short notice with the promise of a title shot if he won. In all three rounds, Kongo rocked him hard and could’ve KO’d the guy. Now if you ask me, a little more training and Kongo could have had the takedown defense on lock down allowing him to beat Cain. I mean…look what JDS did with a shot that barely touched Cain’s head.

    Kongo took a short notice fight, it bit him in the ass…and now the guy isn’t even in the top ten of the division since that fight.

    • Advance*

      Why are you talking about the Cain fight like it wasn’t over 3 years ago? He’s had two other losses and a draw since then. He’s nowhere near a title shot so he should be taking any opportunity that will bump him up the ladder quicker. He’s been in the UFC forever. At this point a few weeks of training shouldn’t be the difference in a fight.

      • Theinstruction.com

        Advance you hit the nail on the head man.

  • julian moran

    I agree with Kongo.
    Though fighters should not be overly picky about who they fight, no fighter should be expected to fight on short notice.

    In this instance, Kongo’s chances of beating Roy Nelson without a proper training camp are slim. I am sure that if given an extra month to train for the fight he would have taken it.

    Dana should be grateful of fighters who take short notice fights and accepting of these that do not.

  • Jose M Perez

    If the UFC stopped cutting fighters based off of their win/loss record, and cutting exciting fighters just because they lost a few in a row this sh*t wouldn’t happen.

    • KooolOut

      RIGHT ON!!!

    • Good point!

    • King of The Couch

      Exactly!!! Seems the UFC operates under a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” mentality.

    • Jason

      That makes no sense…every sport is performance based. If you suck in baseball, you get sent to the minors, if you suck in other sports, you get cut. That’s the way it is

  • insane187288

    I side with Sonnen on this one. maybe Kongo doesnt have the talk but three title fights and the two prior fights were losses. Prove your a fighter and take pride when your offered a fight.

  • Dale De Souza

    Didn’t Palhares get blasted for not taking Maia on short notice or something, thereby causing Dana to insinuate that Palhares didn’t want to fight Maia (or whoever it was)?

    Either way, I wanted Kongo-Nelson also, but hey, they got a good fight with Mitrione-Nelson. Nothing to frown over. Besides, considering the last couple of performances that Kongo’s had, I question if anyone would even crack a smile at Kongo-Nelson.

  • Grisscoat

    Once again White maligns an established UFC athlete w/ his ******** frathouse bravado. The Fertita’s need to muzzle this guy…

  • Ras Butten

    Cheick Cheick Boom!!!

  • Daniel Winge Stride

    dana realy needs to shut up.

  • Dfwisadickslap

    Dana white is a big mouth deusche bag ass slab, would some fighter please put this cueball head butt skank to sleep

  • Rob

    Dana White is acting like a slave owner. “You’re either a fighter or you’re not.” The implication is I own your ass and when I say fight you fight. What a shockingly simplistic view of another human being.

    It makes perfect sense not to take a fight on short notice. Its their health and their livelihood. Yeah concussions are cool so lets go into a fight with no prep time.

    If some guy steps up great. Compensate him heavily for saving an event. But, you can’t fault a guy for not wanting to fight a tough opponent without being prepared. So will Kongo be treated differently because he stood up for himself. Apparently Democrat Dana White has never considered the possibility of the fighters forming a union.

    Chael Sonnen had nothing to loose when he stepped up against Jones (and quite frankly still doesn’t). So its not the same thing.