You Decide’s 2011 Breakout Fighter of the Year

January 5, 2012
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It was a stellar year in 2011 for a lot of fighters that have been trying to break into the limelight of mixed martial arts.

There were numerous strong, year-long crusades that caused fight fans to stand up and take notice. So many, in fact, that we didn’t want to be the ones deciding which was the most pronounced. So we’re leaving it up to you, the fans, to determine the 2011 Breakout Fighter of the Year.

For the past couple of days, we’ve been garnering nominations from our Sound Off Forum members. They came up with a lengthy list of worthy contenders to the title, which we’ve whittled down to nine.

Now we want everyone to go on our home page to select the single fighter that had the greatest breakout of 2011.

You can only vote once, so look at the list, check it twice, and lay own your vote for Breakout Fighter of the Year.

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  • Daniel Cormier got my vote. I like the workman like approach he’s taken in building his MMA career. The guy has put in a ton of hard work and I can’t wait to see him in the UFC later this year (after he runs over Barnett).

  • RonnieV

    Great choices, I went with Ellenberger. Cormier was my second choice.

  • Mario

    Tough pick. I was torn between Cormier and Ellenberger. But ultimately chose Daniel 🙂

  • phrankthetank

    I went with chandler, won the bellator tournament and upset Alvarez this year. All in all a very good list. Would have liked to see Jordan mein at least get a mention tho. He’s beaten some tough competition this year and he’s in a (apparent) contender’s match for the strikeforce welterweight strap.

  • MikeMc1983

    I’m not sure how the list is gathered, but this is where I would have Jon jones. His first fight of the year was Bader. He was rather obscure before that. I guess he was known, but he didn’t nearly have the hype he does now.

    • We gathered fighters from nominations in our forum, but we also asked that fighters like Jones that were already being considered as top talents in the division not be considered. We were more or less trying to gather a list of fighters that were, for the most part, not very well known to the casual fan prior to 2011. It wasn’t a concrete set of guidelines, but that was the gist of it.

      • MikeMc1983

        It’s cool. Maybe I am just screwed up by timeline, but I didn’t realize anyone had jones as a top talent before the Bader fight.
        Either way it’s understandable. He already got the fighter of the year, so better to leave it to others anyhow.

  • I was forward thinking with my pick of Renan Barao Pegado. Cormier and Ellenberger might have done good this year, but I’m not so sure they will be future champions anytime soon (same with almost everyone else on there). Renan is going to be a force in his division.

    • bigdog333187

      good outlook on it, but I think this was supposed to be who broke out this year alone. It was between Chandler and Cormier for me. both came out of nowhere and had a completely dominant year

  • b-soc

    My vote is for RonnieV. He is always in a fight with someone! LOL!!!

    • RonnieV

      Yeah Baby! I love a good debate, especially when it comes to my boys from Cesar Gracie

  • sweden_mma

    My vote goes to Alexander Gustafsson, The Mauler.

  • notasSmartasIthink

    I had to go with Ronda Rousey.
    1. she had 5 fights in 2011 won all, non went past 1 minute
    2. she won her fights by playing her game and taping out people.
    3. her first fight in 2012 is a title shot.

  • bigdog333187

    I don’t see how Ellenberger is at the top of this list. He shocked everyone by taking out Shields, but didn’t exactly fight top notch competition besides that in 2011. Whereas Cormier fought nothing but tough competition, and Chandler went through the Bellator tournament before taking out kingpin Eddie Alvarez