Yoel Romero Proposes Interim UFC Middleweight Championship

March 13, 2017
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If he has to wait on the sidelines while Georges St-Pierre challenges Michael Bisping for the UFC middleweight title, Yoel Romero proposes another interim championship fight.

Romero is either going to sit on the sidelines and wait for the winner of Bisping vs. St-Pierre or he wants an interim championship fight with middleweight legend Anderson Silva.

Romero has been the top middleweight contender for quite some time, but has constantly been leap-frogged for “big money” fights, which seems to be the flavor of the day. 

After Bisping upset Luke Rockhold for the belt, Dan Henderson was afforded one last shot at the belt in his retirement fight. Then, there were rumors of a fight with Georges St-Pierre in December, but the Canadian’s negotiations with the UFC brass stalled out. 

Before a fight with Romero could be booked, however, Bisping opted for knee surgery, from which he is currently recovering. 

Meanwhile, St-Pierre finally came to terms with the UFC and opted for a title shot with Bisping in his first fight back, which will likely happen sometime this summer. Once again, Romero is left on the sideline.

“I’m very bothered with the decision that was made (to match Bisping with St-Pierre), but I’m still focused and I truly expect that Dana (White) will do the right thing, the way he’s always done in the past,” Romero said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “We haven’t reached an accord. No one has had a conversation with me about the situation. I’m waiting for the UFC for them to speak with my managers.”

Though he has yet to work things out with the UFC, Romero appeared to be rather clear in what he wants. He either wants to sit out and wait for his title shot or he wants an interim championship fight. If the interim fight materializes, there is only one man that Romero wants to face and that is Anderson Silva.

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“A fight with Anderson would be great. It would be great for the fans; it would be great for me. And a fight for an interim title would be really good in general,” Romero explained.

“I’ve already fought and beat everyone else. The only person that is amongst those great stars is Anderson. Because we also have to play with the same plans of St-Pierre. At this moment, this is almost like a chess match.”

“If you look the top five, six guys at middleweight, everybody’s busy. The only ones free of any commitment is Anderson and myself.”

But why another interim belt? It might be because Romero thinks there is a good chance that St-Pierre could beat Bisping for the belt, but then quickly move on. St-Pierre has said that he has specific plans in mind beyond the fight with Bisping, but would not publicly comment on what those plans are, leaving most to believe his plans don’t include simply defending the belt against all comers should he win it. 

“That’s exactly why I want a fight with Anderson,” said Romero. “Because (St-Pierre) said he has plans.”

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  • TheCerealKiller

    I agree that if GSP wins, he goes back down to 170. Who knows where McChicken will be by then.

  • Darin

    I don’t think Romero understands what an interim belt is for. The MW title is not being held up,he just isn’t the one fighting for it. I feel his pain, but we all know St. Pierre gets to leapfrog anyone he wants.

    • Blaze Gunn

      Dan Henderson doesn’t tho… At this rate Yoel Is never gonna get a title shot too many people are afraid of him & UFC are afraid he won’t sell tickets & probably won’t

    • macarrech

      batroc the leaper

  • Roscoe Gauldin

    romero is a dumbbass. why would they make a interim title if its being defended? and why would he think anderson silva should be a part of it? because its an easy fight?

    • BigE

      Why did they make an interim title for Max Halloway??? As far as a real sport, the UFC is a joke. It’s sports entertainment.

      • Roscoe Gauldin

        sad but true

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  • BigE

    Let’s just make a belt for the top 5 of each division so everyone is happy…

  • macarrech

    no. just stop this nonsense

  • TheCerealKiller

    No on the interim title, meaningless, but they should have some sort of next shot guarantee. The all time greatest 170 champ should not be able to come back from a three year retirement and get a 185 title shot.

  • Collideoverme

    No interim. Let him an Kevin Gastulem fight.