Yoel Romero And an Unhappy Tim Kennedy Exchange Words Backstage at UFC 178

September 28, 2014
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Yoel Romero picked up the win at UFC 178, but Tim Kennedy wasn’t too please with his opponent’s between-rounds controversy.

After the fight, Romero allegedly approached Kennedy to say “my bad,” according to the folks at Ranger Up. At that point, Kennedy tells Romero “If you can’t get off of the stool, that’s the end of the fight.”

Take a look for yourself with the footage shot by UFC Español.

In between rounds two and three, Romero took an extra 30 seconds or so to leave his corner. Even his cornerman was there wiping down the fighter as the referee barked orders and Kennedy raised his hands in frustration. The next thing you know, Kennedy gets TKO’d. Ouch.

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  • David Allen Lenig

    totally agree with tim on this… that was a cheap way to win the fight. i think a rematch is in order for these two.

    • Rich

      I have to agree. People are trying to argue that Kennedy had just as much time to rest and that Romero KO’d him fair and square but that’s bullshit because (essentially) Kennedy had KO’d Romero in the previous round because he couldn’t answer the bell. I don’t blame McCarthy too much because it’s a ridiculously rare thing to happen (I know I’ve never seen it before).

      • bluto344

        I blame Big John 100%! It’s his call when the fight is over, not Kennedy’s, not Romero’s.

    • uncle

      This is better it gets overturned to a TKO in the favor of Kennedy
      and Romero is slapped with a big fine , so nobody tries this in the future.

      • Robert Jenkins

        no Tim kennedy needs to be fined on top of his loss. he rocked romero by holding his gloves down. which is illegal as crap. you can look it up and find a video or a GIF of it. he didn’t rock romero until he held his glove down and pulled him. not with his fingers on the outside either ehe had his fingers down inside romero’s gloves

    • mike

      No more cheap than kennedy cheating by holding romeros gloves so he couldnt defend the punches? hahaha yeah okay there kid.

  • Rence

    Yeah, i gotta go with Tim on this one. If you cant answer the bell, youre done. that should have been the end of it

  • Samuel Clemons

    Tim Kennedy should at least get a box of tissues.

  • PaulieWalnuts

    He got off the stool and knocked you the f— out!!!

    • Darin

      Tim knocked him the f— out first.

      • mike

        yeah by cheating and holding his gloves so he couldnt defend. Any one would have been rocked at that point idiot.

  • Mike

    Total b.s. that the fight wasn’t called immediately. Dude was clearly out on his feet at the end of the second. I also assume that the NSAC hasn’t done their testing yet because it’s hard for me to believe that someone can be that naturally jacked and thick at 185. No doubt the dude is very heavy handed.

  • Mark Mills

    tim got knocked the (f).— out, shut up and take it like a man!!

    • James Mckaskle

      morons make moronic statements, you just made it into that category.

      • mike

        I would say you are the moron. You are defending a guy who cheated to try to win and just became a sore loser when his cheating didnt work. Grabbing a fighters gloves so you can get punches in is illegal in MMA. i know it’s hard for you to understand but sit and stew over it for a few hours it might just come to you then. hahaha

      • Mark Mills

        like i said, take it like a man, he got beat down! cry all you want to!

  • gary2515

    If you can’t answer the bell the fight is over … great ref, smh

  • Steve F

    It doesn’t matter what happened in the 3rd–the fight was over when he failed to answer the bell.

  • Zemo Carpathian

    Kennedy was totally jobbed by Big John McCarthy – There
    is no such thing in MMA as “I need a little more time to fight”. When
    the bell rings, you either get up immediately and fight or it is a TKO. There
    is no gray area, debate or examination of the rules. Romero very simply lost;
    end of match when you don’t get up. I’m surprised that McCarthy didn’t bring in
    a pillow for Romero to rest his head and perhaps, an energy drink to refresh

    I believe that the Nevada Athletic Commission should investigate this very
    thoroughly. I always thought that McCarthy was an honorable man without any
    reproach. However, his actions were extremely suspicious.

    • Robert Jenkins

      romero was the one who was almost robbed. Tim grabbed the inside of his glove and held onto him to land those last few shots. thats illegal in mma and he used it to get that near tko. so he would have had that fight ruled a no contest anyway if he had ended it there.

  • Rupert Behrmann

    guessing someone bet a lot of money on Romero winning in the third round

  • Joshua McCanner

    its not like he was standing and simply waiting for his corner to get out, he was sitting on the stool staring blankly across the cage. he didn’t answer the bell in the least. TKO.

  • The Dude

    Yoel Romero was TKO’d.. TECHNICAL KO. He did not stand back up. I am stunned that big john mccarthy let it go on…

    • Vj Escamilla

      Not only that he helped him up.

    • mike

      how did kennedy get those great shots in? oh that’s right he cheated by grabbing romeros gloves so he couldnt defend. kennedy is a loser.

  • peralez2383

    Kennedy went down like there was a sniper in the building…oh wait…

  • Mustypipes

    Simple, of course there is gonna be your typical don’t be a cry baby peoples on the interwebs that is unavoidable. However if your a puritan of sport and respect rules and regulations it’s pretty clear Yoel and his corner are at fault for breaking those rules per not answering to the bell in the allotted time, period. Bring in bias and negativity all you want and throw around the word cry baby but ignorance to denial of the rule set is silly. Regardless what people say breaking the rules not only disqualifies the combatant but also alters the fight. Arguments to this,people should really stop wasting their time rather focus on the blatant actions that broke those rules. Side not the commission could have handled this situation by being more swift and stern, obviously it did not play out that way.

    • Robert Jenkins

      then lets start with the fact that tim kennedy cheated to begin with. he held romeros gloves by the inside of the glove and pulled them down to his waist…then and ONLY then was he able to land the sho thtat rocked romero. So tim kennedy cheated to get the shot anyway. Now he’s mad it wasn’t a finsih? he already cheated. had the fight ended there and things were slowed down that would be turned over by now anyway.

  • Pete C

    Kennedy did have a reason to complain, it was ridiculous …

    • mike

      no more ridicules than Kennedy cheating when he was holding Romero gloves to get open shots on him. I’m glad kennedy got his butt kicked and deserved every but of it.

  • Darin

    Tim should be angry with the UFC, Dana, and McCarthy, and not waste his time with Romero. Any fighter will bend the rules as far as they can to win, Roel is no different. But the UFC needs to stand by their own rules. The UFC picks favorites, everyone here knows it. Right now they have plenty of white Americans, but a black Cuban that happens to be an exciting fighter? If they can help him win, they will.

    • mike

      Tim is more angry at the fact he cheated and still couldnt win. I know you saw kennedy holding romero’s gloves, he pulled them down to his waist so he could actually get a punch in on the guy. tim deserves to lose,

  • Joe Dog

    It’s done.

  • Billy

    I thought I was watching MMA but I guess I was really watching WWE. This was over the top, really bad and Big John should have to pay a big fine for allowing it to happen. That was one of the worst things I have ever seen in MMA. These type things continue to get worse in the UFC as time passes.

  • mike

    how about you address the fact you were holding Romero’s gloves so you could actually punch him? what? you dont have anything to say to that. just as i thought. Kennedy= biggest whiner ever to grace the UFC. Glad that punk got knocked out.

  • JustDontCare

    I guess the middle ground here is to have it declared “no contest” and make an immediate rematch when Kennedy gets well.

  • first last

    did the translator assist while they had words?

    • Clark Wright

      Kennedy speaks spanish, he was in 7th Group which works in South America.

  • asdasdas