Yes or No, Is BJ Penn Going to Fight Again?

April 23, 2012
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BJ Penn at UFC 137Following a hard fought loss to Nick Diaz at UFC 137, Penn announced that he was stepping away from the sport and that fight would likely serve as his last in the sport of MMA.

“This is probably the last time you’re ever going to see me in here. I want to perform at the top level. That’s it,” Penn said after the loss to Diaz. “I’ve got a daughter, another daughter on the way, I don’t want to go home looking like this. I’m done.”

Now months removed from that time, Penn hasn’t backed off his original statement and it appears he’s settling into the life of a retired fighter.

“As of now I am sticking to that,” Penn said during the UFC on Fuel TV 2 post fight show. “I haven’t made any plans to come back and fight again, Dana White has actually called me a couple times and talked to me, it’s just something that’s not in my future right now.”

Now, just one week removed from those comment by Penn, UFC president Dana White says that he expects to see Penn in the Octagon again. White’s comments were far from definitive, providing no details, but he did declare, “B.J. says he wants to fight again.”

There’s obviously no deadline for Penn to make up his mind. It’s his life. It’s his career. He can do whatever he wishes, but what do you say B.J., are we going to see you back in the Octagon again?

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  • Triggerman99

    BJ is a fighter. He’s not some gifted athlete who figured he would try his hand at full contact fighting. He’s a fighter. That’s who he is. He’ll be back.

  • bajafox

    As much as I would love to see him in the ring again, what fight would make the most sense?

  • BJ is far from being done, he has been getting better and better each year. Is boxing is sick he is a master at the ground game.

    I really hope that he does not retire anytime soon.

  • phrankthetank

    BJ just needs to stay at 155. He’s in better shape and doesn’t have a size disadvantage at that weight. He could even come back and try to take out little Diaz. One way or another, BJ needs to come back.

  • TKD

    That’s our MMA Weekly staff…Always working hard to put no rumors to rest! Great piece of journalism, guys!

  • MadCityChad

    praying for a Penn vs Pettis matchup

    • rsnowbass

      Now that’s a hot lead…

  • maddawgmar

    We would all love to see him fight again. I for one don’t think he will. He doesn’t need the money, he has a very successful school and has amassed a lot of money over his career with fight purses and endorsements. He can live comfortably. Really he has nothing to gain by coming back. But again I would love to see him fight again.

    • Triggerman99

      You’re absolutely right……if all BJ cares about is money. But I don’t think that’s the case. He’s a fighter first and foremost. He fights because he wants to, not because he has to.

    • phrankthetank

      BJ was born into wealth, money has never been an issue for him, from the beginning he fought because he loved to fight. If it was about the money he would already be back collecting another fat pay cheque regardless of his other endeavors. The dude just needs to get hungry again.

  • Guess I am in the minority here because I could care less if he fights again.. He is an attention hound..Too big n slow for the 155 pound division and too small for the 170 pound… He doesnt have th desire to be great Diaz beat him like a rag doll!!!

    • Triggerman99

      Too big and slow for the 155 lb division? Yeah, that’s how I usually describe guys who win the title and go on 5-fight win streaks against #1 contenders.

      • phrankthetank

        Yea…. and won the belt in both divisions he apparently doesn’t belong in.

        • elguapo

          Unbelievable!! Just unbelievable!! Too big n slow for 155 and too small for 170? So he’s essentially the rich franklin of the lower weight classes? Just absurd, a laughable statement the likes of which we haven’t seen on here for some time.

  • Cptmats

    “Guess I am in the minority”
    If by “minority” you mean ignorant mma fans, you would be correct !
    A motivated in shape BJ Penn is among the very best LW and WW to ever compete.
    “Diaz beat him like a rag doll”
    Funny cause for the first five minutes what i saw was Diaz getting schooled in boxing and BJJ like a first year amateur, and if BJ was in shape and didn’t gas after the first like he always does, Diaz would have been lucky just to go the distance !

    • phrankthetank

      C’mon, we both know the educated fans are the minority in this sport.

  • Triggerman99

    It certainly is starting to look that way, isn’t it? It’s comments like julias-whatever’s that scare me when it comes to the sport becoming more mainstream. Close-minded, uneducated views expressed by “fans” who have only been paying attention to MMA for the last six months are the ugly and unfortunate side of MMA’s expansion.

  • Triggerman99

    But Diaz did beat him like a rag doll. There’s no denying that!

    • phrankthetank

      For the 2nd and 3rd

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  • I dont care whether you tough guys on the keyboard agree but my opinion is merely that an opinion. Im tired of people saying if BJ was in shape he would do this and that why is BJ not in shape for these fights. I always here about how great this camp was and it looks like same BJ if he dont finish in 1st round (Matt Hughes) he gases. I respect what BJ has done but I think his time as passed with the cardio guys at 155 Edgar,Benson Miller, Cerrone, Pettis & others I think BJ would struggle with those guys and I think the others at 170 are as strong as him and he cant really match up as well at this stage in his career. Again dont really care if you agree but I feel I am right I dont live in the past and see what BJ has done Im talking about right now….I study MMA also so I am not as dumb as you think not just main stream…SO trigg & tank thank what you want take the feeling out of what you think and really read this cause im not the only one tht thanks this… I have bought almost every PPV for over 6 years….

  • One last little side note my ex wife is full blooded samoan so obviously she is from the islands and still has a lot of family there and they all keeps saying the same thing about BJ he comes from a rich family and has never really had to work as hard for stuff because of that so I think now that the fighters are more well rounded he struggles cause he doesnt have that desire……just a thought…..


    this is how you know people would love to see BJ back in the Octagon. MMAWeekly articles usually have 5 comments but on this article, we’ve got a buttload lmao.