October 12, 2007
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by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com

content="The shocking news of Randy Couture's exit from the Ultimate Fighting Championship hit like a tidal wave on Thursday">

The shocking news of Randy Couture’s exit from the Ultimate Fighting<br /> Championship hit like a tidal wave on Thursday

The shocking news of Randy Couture’s exit from
the Ultimate Fighting Championship hit like a tidal wave on Thursday. MMAWeekly
caught up with Ron Frazier, one of the head trainers at Xtreme Couture, after
the news hit to get his comments on Randy’s monumental decision.


“I wasn’t really surprised that much in the
news,” Frazier stated. “With the option of not being able to fight Fedor, with
the movie career going so well, and with the opportunity to spend much more
time with his wife and his family, it wasn’t surprising. At the end of the day,
good for Randy.”


Couture stated emphatically in his letter to
the UFC that losing the fight with current top heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko
was a major reason for his exodous. Frazier also stated that without that fight,
Couture has little left to prove.


“You always want a fighter to go out on top
and when he fought Chuck Liddell [the third time], we all knew a couple months
ahead of time that he was going to retire after that bout, win or lose,” said


“Unfortunately he lost, but we wanted him to
go out on top. What better way? He came back. He shocked the world. He beat two
guys no one thought he could beat. There’s no great challenges left, except for
fighting Fedor. So why not ride off into the sunset?”


The opportunity to fight Fedor really did seem
like the last major hurdle for Couture to leap and with the recent announcement
of his alleged deal with M-1 in Russia, it seems for now like that possible
match-up is dead.


“Knowing him personally and working with him
for almost three years now, I knew he thrived on challenges and so if he couldn’t
fight Fedor, it wouldn’t surprise me if he called it a day,” Frazier said about
Couture’s desire to fight Emelianenko.


While the MMA community continues to dwell on
the loss of Couture in the UFC, Frazier points out how tough it has become for
the legendary fighter to even take time for a full training camp to prepare for
a bout.


“He really has to clear out his calendar to
fight now,” said Frazier. “When we want to make an eight-week training session,
all the appearances, all the stuff he does for all the Xtreme Coutures all over
the country, kind of has to come to a stand still. He doesn’t have to do that


Couture mentioned his new career in the movie
industry, but his team at Xtreme Couture has become one of the premiere camps
in the world and Frazier is assured that he will continue his role there.


“He’ll still be very active in the fighters we
have going there,” said Frazier about Couture’s involvement at the gym.


The biggest question on everyone’s mind is
regardless of the UFC is will we ever see Randy Couture fight in MMA again?


“You learn with professional athletes to never
say never,” Frazier said about a possible Randy Couture comeback.


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