X-Ray Shows Break in Josh Barnett’s Hand

May 20, 2012
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30 seconds into last night’s Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix final, Josh Barnett knew something wasn’t right.

Technically, it was his left.

Barnett broke his hand punching opponent Daniel Cormier early in the first round and dealt with the pain and discomfort of the injury for the remainder of the 25-minute affair.

Ultimately, Barnett was defeated by Cormier by unanimous decision to claim the first and only Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix title.

On Sunday following the fight, Barnett sent out a picture of the X-Ray on Twitter of his broken hand that verified the injury once he visited his doctor.

The sting of defeat is a tough one to swallow, but the broken hand will surely serve as a reminder to Barnett for the next several weeks as he waits for it to heal so he can get back in action later this year.

The loss to Cormier was the first Barnett has suffered since a 2006 defeat at the hands of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira while fighting under the Pride banner in Japan.

Cormier also broke his hand during the fight with Barnett, but the San Jose based fighter will opt for surgery to repair the damage.

There’s been no word yet if Barnett will have to deal with any surgical procedure or just end up with a cast on his hands for several weeks.

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  • dgs

    Good lord, they both broke their hands in that fight? What a fluke.

    Broken hands or not, the outcome would not have been different, as Cormier was the better fight last night. His performance was nothing short of amazing. I think Cormier will give any of the heavyweights in the UFC some major problems, with Dos Santos and maybe Cain Velasquez being the only two fighters who would give him a run for the money.

    • Mario

      “give him a run for the money” LOL

      Cain Velasquez wouldn’t fight Daniel Cormier. They train together.

  • ko-king

    That is a nasty break. Suprised he was able to fight as well as he did under those sircumstances. Barnett deserves another top 10 oponent. Lost the fight but gets my respect

  • alhmiel

    Cormier will be a refreshing breath of clean air for MMA. Thanks goodness Lesnar is gone. Even Barnett acted like a real pro and a gentleman. Funny how trite and trivial Nick Diaz seems in all of this professionalism and high class.

  • amandamartinez

    i dont think DC would fair as well as people think. JB is overrated, and DC got caught with some knees on several occasions. hes good, but i dont think hes near ready for the top ufc guys.

    JB hasnt fought the new breed of guys like cain, jds and such. one guy to look for is travis brown, that dude is going to be champ someday. 6’7: and a lean 250, moves like a LHW. a guy that is under 6′ like Cormier would have some problems with a guy that tall with reach. DC is quick, but his reach is far too short to deal with the top tier strikers the ufc has. Josh B is like fedor, hes been fighting cans for too long and nobody noticed hes been passed up.

    • Lesnardo

      u r ignorant.

  • i agree with you, in part, but not totally. comier, as short as he is, has just beat two tall opponents in a row, despite their reach advantages. And in big foot and barnett were not talking bout “small” HW’s either. A good striker at 6’7″ would be harder but he prolly wouldn’t try to stand and strike with him but instead use his wrestling and take him down. However, lets not forget what randy colure did to tim silvia who was 6’8″ with a huge reach advantage!!!