WWE Champion C.M. Punk to Accompany Chael Sonnen at UFC on Fox 2

January 4, 2012
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It’s fair to say Chael Sonnen is pulling out all the stops for his UFC on Fox 2 fight against Mark Munoz, even welcoming a special guest for his walkout.

WWE superstar and current WWE champion C.M. Punk will accompany Sonnen to the cage on Jan 28 when he fights Munoz in Chicago.

The news was first reported on Twitter by FrontRowBrian, who stated that Punk would be alongside Sonnen for the fight in Chicago.

Punk is a regular follower of MMA and according to sources has become friends with Sonnen over the last few months.

C.M. Punk is a native of the Chicago area and will definitely pull in the local crowd as he escorts Sonnen to the cage on Jan 28.

Sonnen faces Munoz in a No. 1 contender’s match to determine the next challenger to Anderson Silva’s middleweight title.

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  • Your source is guy known for trolling on the UG?

  • ajmadic


  • Well his info was correct so I had to credit him. I did confirm it independently of course.

  • stretch

    What a joke Sonnen is. Taking a page out of Lesnars book.

  • MikeMc1983

    What wrestler did Brock have walk to the cage with him?

    • shereko

      HAHAHA nice! I hope Sonnen now gets the bad rap that Lesnar did from everyone… the guys a doucher, 14 year old girls don’t crave the attention this clown does. I got an idea, get a title or at least fight before you scream “LOOK AT ME”

  • demetrio1109

    Wow that explains a lot sonnen got his loud mouth from c.m punk and now he’s gonna walk along side him please there both losers who run there mouth very well and that’s it because you know punk can’t fight and that other punk sonnen can’t fight without steroids I hope he wins so silva can f**k his ass up and let’s see if he sticks to his own words and gets out of the ufc after he loses like he said but with c.m puck by his side you know sonnen isn’t gonna stick to his words just face it sonnen you can’t make it in real estate politics or mms you bi*ch

    • MrAdidas

      At least Sonnen has the BALLZ too fight in the Octagon…. you B!tch!

      FYI: It’s MMA, not MMS!

      Silva fuck Sonnenes ass up? Just like the 1st fight right?!? But I guess the “roids” which he is medicaly aloud to take (he just did’nt file proper paper work) is what helped Sonnen embaress Silva?!? Those Steroids are pretty incredible, for Sonnen to out strike Silva. Not sure how the “roids” helped Sonnen outbox Silva. I guess it was b/c Silva had a “broken” rib?!? BAHAHAHAHA – sure he did, that’s why the UFC aloud him to fight. The UFc would NEVER allow any of their fighters to fight with a broken rib before a fight. Broken ribs can cause severe damage, it can puncture a lung & possibly kill yyou, but the UFC allowed Silva to fight with a broken rib…?!? UGHHH NO! It may have been bruised, but it sure as hell was NOT broken.

      • KBEsq

        Yeah, this post is just stupid. Many people have already posted (on threads that I know MrAdidas has read) that Sonnen was above normal levels when he tested. Therefore, even if he did file the proper paperwork, he would have failed the test. The whole TRT thing is just total BS on every level, but even if you are taking it “legitimately” (that goes in quotes because none of it is legit – it’s all about getting an edge), you should only be taking it to get to normal levels.

        The problem is, the high end of “normal” is so high for an athlete, that they can pretty much cheat the system and still claim to be within normal levels. Steroid Sonnen was STILL above normal levels, even for how they rate athletes. He’s a cheater and a criminal. Says a lot about your character that you stick up for this loser.

        • TKD

          KBEsq: Very well said!

      • demetrio1109

        Look you dumb fu*k I never said his ribs were broken you dumb bi*ch they were bruised badly and you need to use you torso to throw a punch FYI in case you didn’t know that maybe you would if you would take sonnens Di*k our your a*s

        • KBEsq

          lol best comment ever.

  • TKD

    “But I guess the “roids” which he is medicaly aloud to take (he just did’nt file proper paper work) is what helped Sonnen embaress Silva?!?”

    First of all, it is MEDICALLY, not MEDICALY. Secondly, it’s ALLOWED, not ALOUD. Next, it is DIDN’T, not DID’NT. And for the grand finale, it is EMBARRASS, not EMBARESS.

    As for the, “he just did’nt file proper paper work” nonsense, I will quote you: “BAHAHAHAHA”. Are you still clinging to that tale? I guess you still think Sonnen is an honest business man too, huh???

    Again, “BAHAHAHAHA”!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • shereko

      HAHAHAHA TKD, thats friggin funny sh*t right there! Nice play. I’m glad you wrote it but, just remember when you’re talking to some people you can’t fix stupid… even with a hammer and duct tape. But, I agree with you and glad you stated it.

      • TKD

        Thanks shereko. You are right, you can’t fix stupid. This guy is a lost cause!

    • KBEsq

      Right on – I love that the guy was busting Demetrio’s balls for literally hitting the wrong key on his keyboard, and TKD points out numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes in Adida’s post.

      MrAdidas!: to hit the wrong key (“S” instead of “A”), you just have to be human. To misspell like 10 words in like a 5 sentence post, you have to be retarded.

  • whiteman17

    Can’t hate on chael he goes out there and fight whoever and whenever ..he could easily of said I’ll wait till Anderson get healthy but no he accepted a tuff matchup against Munoz..and another thing like that he says is I’ll fight anyone..not like kosh n Fitch are all those (guys) at black house who say I’ll never fight my training partner..it’s competition guys not life and death..can’t wait for him to go at it with Andy again..sonnen took the fight to him and exposed him to what him or Munoz do best..wrestle

  • mmaacupuncture

    It’s all a marketing, trying to get more WWE fans to the UFC.

  • demetrio1109

    Well when the time comes let’s see if he sticks to his works when silva beats him and let’s hope he chooses silva to fight not Jones or gsp, silva will be 100% so let’s see who will win

  • p3ezy

    crack up how whenever there is ANY kind post about sonnen, the fan boys pop up (e.g. MrAdidas) and all hell breaks loose. cmon guys you cannot deny it, the guy is a douche. he is a very talented fighter, but also a very talented tool. dont get me wrong, i like a bit of smack talk- it livens things up. but to go on and on and on and on like he does… **** the world im going to bed.