WSOF Light Heavyweight Tyrone Spong Suffers Anderson Silva-Like Broken Leg While Kickboxing

April 13, 2014
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Tyrone Spong broken leg After winning earlier in the night, Tyrone Spong at Glory 15 on Saturday suffered a severely broken leg that was eerily reminiscent of former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s UFC 168 injury.

Spong defeated Saulo Cavalari in the kickboxing semifinal tournament bout to move into the final opposite Gokhan Saki. About a minute and a half into the opening round, Spong launched a right leg low kick. His leg snapped upon impact, much like Silva’s did against Chris Weidman. (Watch video from UFC 168 and Anderson Silva’s fight.)

Spong immediately fell to the mat, his opponent rushing over to console him before the referee could even officially call a halt to the fight.

Although he was kickboxing on Saturday, Spong also has a parallel career in mixed martial arts with a 2-0 record. He had anticipated a likely return to the World Series of Fighting cage this summer, but this injury is likely to put him on the shelf for quite some time.

There was no immediate information available in regard to his condition and what the recovery process would be.

Silva, however, has recovered quickly, but anticipates that it will be around a year from the time of the injury before he fights again.

Click here to see video footage of Spong’s injury.

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  • Silva’s looked more painful, however he recovered quickly.

    Damn, can’t really do anything about this though.

    • Stephen Quadros

      I think the same injury is equally painful

      • Eric Tackaberry

        Well said.

        • shakejunt

          not exactly though. anderson’s was an inside kick, spong’s was an outside kick. both landed on opponent’s right knee. both breaks seemed to flare upwards, but i don’t think it’s a stretch to think the difference in motion could change the injury.

          also, look at the pictures. anderson’s bent way farther around chris’ knee than spong’s did around saki’s. perhaps from the difference in motion.

          • BobLemons

            I agree.

            If they were both equally painful though, then Spong is a bad mofo for not screaming like Silva did.

          • Yeah, hearing silva scream was painful itself.

  • Gary Fredericks

    Bad break for Spong no doubt, but it was nowhere near as bad looking as Silva’s break.

    Gokahn Saki is a beast! Love watching his kick fights!

  • Mihael Hajdin

    I wish Spong a speedy recovery, love watching him fight, Saki is a real beast, checked those kicks like a boss, and the second one in a row was the crucial one..


    Wish spong a quick and healthy recovery .. Spong Was number 1 in the world for a reason but saki is one bad dude .. Can’t wait to see if they ever fight each other down the road

  • julian moran

    The end of the low kick era.

    • shakejunt

      i’m not sure i agree, but it certainly could be the end of the low kick being used as a stand-alone attack.

      things like this will force guys to find better angles and mix the kicks in with the rest of their striking so as to avoid the checks. might see some guys switching targets to the calf like benson has or maybe aiming a bit higher to target the upper thigh and hip itself, but i definitely don’t see incidents like this preventing people from throwing the kicks altogether.

  • Sam

    Its in the same area Anderson broke his leg, same area of impact as well being at the knee. even with shin pads on when i get a kick checked by my opponents knee, it is very painful. The 2 different occassions i’ve seen this happen was the kick being check at the knee area.