WSOF 9 Fight Video: Did Rousimar Palhares Hold on Too Long with the Submission?

March 30, 2014
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(Video courtesy of NBC Sports)

Watch the World Series of Fighting 9 main event between Steve Carl and Rousimar Palhares, which took place on Saturday, March 29, at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

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  • el che


  • Emmy Fields

    No he didn’t…people are getting paranoid when it comes to Palhares…

  • b-soc

    He deserves to be fired again. Yves had to actually pull his hands off. The guys should be banned from MMA for life.

    • Robby Clark

      Mir breaks limbs and no1 ever says anything..

      • Darin

        He doesn’t do it as his opponent taps.

  • Shocked_n_Awed

    I didn’t think it was bad last night; he’s supposed to wait for the ref to stop him, not just release when he sees, feels or thinks he feels a tap.

    Granted, from the look on his face, you can see he’s doing all he can to rip everything in there right up until the point he does let go – but, to me at least, it didn’t look like it was full of injurious intent. More like the desire to get the submission. And, no question, in the past I’ve thought he held on for a few seconds past the ref’s obvious indication.

    Last night though, Steve Carl was up and across the ring hugging and congratulating Rous – if he had thought the release was in poor sportsmanship, I think it would have been hard to hide those feelings so soon after. He wouldn’t have been smiling and hugging Rous, he’d have been on the canvas, still holding his leg.

    • TheCerealKiller

      “you can see he’s doing all he can to rip everything in there right up until the point he does let go”

      Of course he is. Who isn’t hitting as hard as they can? Nobody complained about Rousey breaking Tates elbow and not stopping.

      • Maddawgmar

        I agree with you, except Tate didn’t tap that’s why her arm broke.

  • whitebelt

    Palhares is a very simple guy who came from very humble roots In Brazil. He has never portrayed himself as guy who enjoys hurting people or jeopardizing their careers. He definitely will not let go of his heel hooks however, until the ref intervenes, unfortunately this can be very dangerous for his opponents. He did not respond to Carl’s initial tap but he did let go almost immediately after the ref made contact with his arms. He definitely pushed it to to the top end of the tolerance range of what most would consider an acceptable release time of a submission.

  • TheCerealKiller

    What about the guys that smash people in the face when you can clearly see they are out cold? Jon Jones didn’t let go of Machida even though he knew he was out cold. Dan Henderson should definitely be banned for the H Bomb on Bisping.

    Ice skating is ——>

    This is fighting. The hold was fine and congrats to the new champ!

    • Maddawgmar

      You don’t stop till the ref pulls you off. Palhares kept going after the ref tried to pull him off. Jones stopped once the ref pulled him off. If some one throws punches after the ref jumps in between the he deserves to be let go, example Paul Daley.

      • Darin

        The ref shouldn’t be pulling anyone off of anything. The ref will say “stop” and touch the fighters, that’s it. I won’t bash Pallhares for this fight, but he was horrible in the UFC.

    • Baller31

      Dan Henderson should get his own statue for the h bomb on Bisping.

  • snapdad

    I’ve never seen anything wrong with what palhares does. when you are caught up in the moment, things are not going to be textbook. look at Royce gracie, I’ve seen him hold on to submissions longer, and resist the refs more, but he is considered a legend. its dana being bias. look at will chope’s situation, he is banned for life because of a domestic dispute that happened 5 yrs ago because the ufc “will not tolerate that”, but jon jones gets a dwi, and that’s acceptable. and that guy on TUF is banned from the ufc over a racist post he made, but its promoting a fight when chael disrespects a whole country. dana seems to stand behind his cash cows when they are making poor decisions, but tries to make examples out of the nobodies.

    • David

      Could not agree more.

    • Maddawgmar

      You are comparing apples and oranges. You can’t compare a situation about DUI’s and DV’s to someone who is messing with fighter safety in the ring. And the era in which Royce fought was not sanctioned, nor had rules like today. Palhares got what he deserved. That being said, he did not hold that lock longer than necessary, he stopped right when the ref broke it up.

      • Chris Pendleton

        the problem is the rules, if you hold after the tap on any leg locks its game over. in mma you go until the ref stops you, that’s like 3 millaseconds too long and your ankle and knee are trash

    • Robby Clark

      Yea, a lot of what it is, is the nature of the submission.. I do think he goes a little far sometimes, especially knowing the severity of the submission, but it’s a fight. Guys smash other guys in the face while fighters are out cold until the ref jumps in, so it’s a tough one to judge.

    • BarrysHypocrisy

      So, you think it’s OK for Pallhares to hold on to potentially career ending submissions too long because Dana White likes other fighters better than him?

      You win the prize for the stupidest post so far.

      • snapdad

        you moron, what im saying is, dana should give out the same consequence, no matter the popularity of the fighter. and when palhares locks on a submission, is he suppose to go easy and risk his opponent escaping? No, you fully commit until the ref steps in, dummy.

        • BarrysHypocrisy

          Hey dummy, re-read your own post. You said “I’ve never seen anything wrong with what palhares does”. And then went on to defend that by saying how unfair Dana is. If you are too stupid to understand what YOU wrote, then you are definitely too stupid to understand how easily I made you look stupid.

          • snapdad

            im not even going to argue with you. you are obviously to narrow minded to think outside of your opinion. I hate when blowtards like yourself comment.

          • BarrysHypocrisy

            If you don’t like blowtards commenting, then you should be the first to stop because you are the most unintelligent person on here. You are just too stupid to realize how stupid you are.

  • jim b

    Textbook. he cranked it and let go when the ref intervened.

  • Andy

    He’ll do it again. Anybody who has seen him fight knows he’ll blatantly ignore the ref again. Mark my words. He also doesn’t seem to notice or acknowledge any type tapping on his body from his opponent.

  • Jay Magallon

    If Palhares was supposed let go after Carl tapped him, then he held on way too long and should be banned for life.

    But the fight doesn’t end when the fighter taps you. The fight ends when the referee ends it. I believe he could have let go just a bit sooner when Levigne intervened but that is really grasping at straws. Rousimar responded pretty promptly and those who are complaining about his hold last night are responding with his reputation in the back of their minds.

    Palhares fought fairly. No complaints should be made.

    Though an argument can be justly made either way, I personally believe Palhares should have let go when Carl was tapping his body that forcefully. You can’t waive the white flag any more than he did last night.

  • John

    He held to long, you know he trains BJJ everyday and knows what a tap is, but every-time he acts like it isn’t happening. I wonder if he does that when he rolls, I doubt it. The ref should just have to touch him, not pry his hands off. Obviously Yves was ready for a potential long hold, great refereeing by Yves.

    • Guest

      I agree with you bro. With Palhares on the ground straddling his leg under one arm, Levigne should have been there ready to pounce in an instant. Big John and Herb would have been on it.

    • TheCerealKiller

      *too long & every-time does not have a hyphen in it.

      Don’t bash a fighter with incorrect English.

  • taylor2008

    The fight ends when the ref stops it. What of the ref misses the tap and he lets go? He didnt hold on too long. If he does in the future he should be banned. Tap from the fighter doesnt mean its over.

    • deepgrim

      i think the problem here is that again it is palhares in the middle of it all, and that the heel hook can do alot of damage. its a tricky call cause the tap was so obvious but i guess with palhares, the ref just needs to be on top of things. he did a pretty good job so hopefully there was no harm done

      • taylor2008

        Agreed. Carl seemed ok afterward. but they do need to keep an eye on him. heel hooks and knee bars can really mess up someones leg.

  • toom

    Anyone who’s ever rolled in their life knows you can feel someone tap you shouldn’t have to wait for the ref they do have an instant replay this guy just loves destroying legs

  • aintgottabeufcwatchitallmmafan

    I cant remember who palhares fought before but if I remember correctly he did let go a submission before and celebrated but the ref didnt step the ref recalled the action but back to the feet and palhares got KO..I think or was it not him..well ever since then he dont let go til ref step in..

  • tap that keg

    Watch Carl tap, he taps his own leg first then he taps Palhares ONCE and then places his hand on Palhares’ knee area. Now keep in mind all this is happening with Palhares knowing that Carl will be trying to escape his hold by pushing and punching and swatting his arms and legs. Carl should have tapped out like you see other guys tap (except if your Fedor) and that is by tapping over and over rapidly.

  • neechie Assassin

    its the refs job to stop the fight when a taps happen and their job to get in the right position to view all angles…. no one to blame but the ref

  • Kuet

    While he has held on for way too long multiple times before, this wasn’t one of them. Steve also didn’t have a problem with it either so….yea. No.