WSOF 8 Fight Highlight Video: Anthony Johnson Flattens Mike Kyle

January 19, 2014
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Check out the World Series of Fighting 8 fight highlight video of Anthony Johnson, as he laid Mike Kyle out on the canvas with a brutal first-round knockout.

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  • BobLemons

    Get him back in the UFC.

    • Anthony cefalo

      at light heavyweight!

    • RoBeRtOe

      Yeah!! Let’s get him back so he can keep missing weight!

  • TheCerealKiller

    He would crush Shogun.

    • Real Cereal Killer

      you say that because he beat Kyle? Shogun is a legend!

      • TheCerealKiller

        Because Rumble he has beaten everyone they put in front of him. Shogun is a joke. He has just as many wins as losses in the UFC. That’s not a legend, that’s a gate keeper.

        • julian moran

          Shogun arguably should have won the Machida 1 fight and the Henderson fight, which would make him 8-4 in the UFC…
          Even at 6-6, considering he is fighting some of the best fighters of the world, I think that is a pretty impressive record.
          Calling Shogun a joke does not make you sound smart, sorry.

        • gnodeb

          I’m not Shogun fan… mostly because of his inconsistency. One fight he is top 3… the other he is top 30. But you can not call him a joke… Even with that lazy attitude he got a title and looked spectacular in the process.
          I like Rumble, but there is a reason he fought at 170… looks like he felt that there is nothing for him at 185 or 205… Maybe he is better now, but still, fighting Shogun will never be walk in the park… you simply don’t know what Shogun will came… If you are not lucky, you are probably doomed…

          once again, I don’t like Shogun 🙂

  • Dayum

    That looks like rampage in his pride days very impressive

  • Kenny Powers

    Get Rumble and Tyrone Sponge in the UFC ASAP! Instant contenders at 205, they need more LHW’s anyway.

  • metoo

    Rumble at 185 or 205 sounds great to me in the ufc. Can’t believe this man made. 170. Almost feel sorry to the guys he fought at that weight.


    Anthony Johnson lost to Vitor Belfort at 197 lbs Catch Weight…. All you writing … he needs to comeback to UFC …. Well there are opponenets and then there are quality opponents… and in the UFC … He got NO chance what so ever