WSOF 15 Weigh-in Results: Melvin Guillard Misses Weight Again, Loses Title Shot

November 14, 2014
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The World Series of Fighting’s night of champions fell one title fight short on Friday when UFC veteran Melvin Guillard was well over the limit for what was supposed to have been a lightweight title fight with champion Justin Gaethje.

Guillard stepped on the scale at 158.8 pounds, a full 3.8 pounds over the limit for a 155-pound title fight. The current champion needed the assistance of a towel, but made weight at 154.8 pounds.

Guillard has now missed weight in three of his last four bouts, including both fights under the World Series of Fighting banner.

The card dubbed “A Night of Champions” was supposed to have featured three title fights, but with Guillard missing weight, his bout with Gaethje is now a non-title fight at a 159-pound catchweight. The champion will not have to give up his belt, even in the event of a loss.

The night’s main event features a battle between Dave Branch and Yushin Okami for the promotion’s middleweight championship, while women’s strawweight titleholder Jessica Aguilar puts her belt on the line against Kalindra Faria.

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(Video courtesy of World Series of Fighting)

World Series of Fighting 15 Weigh-in Results

Main Card (on NBC Sports)
Dave Branch (184) vs. Yushin Okami (183)
Justin Gaethje (154.8) vs. Melvin Guillard (158.8)
Jessica Aguilar (115) vs. Kalindra Faria (114.8)
Eric Reynolds (155.4) vs. Jorge Patino (154)

Preliminary Card (on
Jose Andres Cortes (155.4) vs. Ryan Keenan (155.4)
Troy Gerhart (144.6) vs. Anderson Hutchinson (146)
Fred Moncaio (155.6) vs. Tony Way (153.4)
Maurice Salmon (179.6) vs. Javier Torres (179)
Hector Ochoa (185) vs. Robert Reed (185.4)
Joe Johnson (183) vs. Reggie Pena (183.6)
Matt Frevola (154.6) vs. Josh Zuckerman (158.4)

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  • Collideoverme


  • Timothy Malone

    Loss of that title shot is a bummer, but I still think this is actually a better card than Bellator 131.

  • TheCerealKiller

    He’s an A level fighter in a B level league… lolololol! He disrespected the WSoF by calling it B league, then makes another B league mistake. I hated him at a young age because he was a disrespectful jerk, but then he matured and I started to like him. He’s a total jerk again.

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  • uncle

    Melvin is his own worst enemy

  • uncle

    WSOF girls look way better then UFC

  • Billy Milchak

    I am a fan of Melvin in some of his fights and then in his other fights I wanted him to lose he’s one of those fighters you sometimes love or hate but he has to decide if he wants to be a professional and making weight is part of that.

  • dandogood

    whatever happened to that scrawny Cody Nazi tattoed Bollinger that skinny runt who cannot make weight.

  • MelvinIsaMoron

    Melvin is an idiot and a failure. He doesn’t deserve to be in this sport. I hope they give him his pink slip after the fight for being so unprofessional. You cannot be apologizing for the same stupid mistake all the time. Move to Welter Weight if your body cant make light weight anymore.

  • truth

    Bellator + OneFC + WSOF merger = Actual competitor of the UFC. With the partnerships Bellator has with Glory, could have some awesome crossover fights too. The UFC has lost it’s way by diluting cards down to nobodies. What the merger should do is put on tournaments like Strikeforce/Dream GP and really build up names and only have 10-12 cards a year all stacked with talent. Also try to get Showtime or HBO into the MMA Business alongside Spike or NBC Sports or CBS Sports. Also put everything on the internet as well so cable cutters can watch.