World Series of Fighting 9 Fighter Salaries: Palhares, Moraes, and Okami Top Payroll

March 31, 2014
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Yushin Okami WSOF 9Rousimar Palhares captured the World Series of Fighting welterweight championship by defeating former titleholder Steve Carl in the WSOF 9 main event on Saturday, March 29, in Las Vegas.

Marlon Moraes defeated Josh Rettinghouse in the night’s co-main event to capture the bantamweight belt, while UFC veteran Yushin Okami made his successful debut for the promotion.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission on Monday revealed the WSOF 9 fighter salaries to

World Series of Fighting 9 Fighter Salaries

Rousimar Palhares: $50,000 (includes $25,000 win bonus)
def. Steve Carl: $20,000

Marlon Moraes: $50,000 (includes $25,000 win bonus)
def. Josh Rettinghouse: $4,000

Yushin Okami: $40,000 (includes $20,000 win bonus)
def. Svetlozar Savov: $4,000

Josh Burkman: $25,000 (no win bonus)
def. Tyler Stinson: $7,000

Johnny Nunez: $4,000 (includes $2,000 win bonus)
def. Ozzy Dugulubgov: $6,000

Mike Corey: $8,000 (includes $4,000 win bonus)
def. Shane Kruchten: $3,000

Bryson Hansen: $3,000 (includes $1,500 win bonus)
def. Sean Cantor: $500

Chris Gruetzemacher: $12,000 (includes $6,000 win bonus)
def. John Gunderson: $2,000

Brenson Hansen: $6,000 (includes $3,000 win bonus)
def. Boostayre Nefarios: $1,000

Danny Davis: $2,000 (includes $1,000 win bonus)
def. Phil Dace: $1,000

Jimmy Spicuzza: $2,000 (includes $1,000 win bonus)
def. Gil Guardado: $1,000

WSOF 9 Disclosed Fighter Payroll: $251,500

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  • TheCerealKiller

    I agree with the pay. If the UFC is the A league, this is definitely the B league. Bellator was a fun concept, but they are quickly becoming the C league.

    • Wolf Ticket

      Still, Okami is making more than Nate Diaz in the UFC. I think it’s a fair comparison, two guys who don’t speak English 🙂

  • MadeMan

    Sean Cantor gets $500 bucks for his trouble…. wow

    • InTheColosseumTonight

      He made enough to get drunk and a bunch of lapdances. Missed that fight so dont know if he will need either.

  • J.D.C.D.

    This is a damn crime and outrage to me.

    Josh Rettinghouse: $4,000

    Rettinghouse got his legs kicked in brutally for $4K. I know it is the fight game and that is what Rettinghouse signed up for but for only $4k. I’m hoping the guy can walk after all those kicks. Those leg kicks throughout the fight were brutal. I would have had my corner throw in the towel and fight another day.

    Rettinghouse is a tough SOB but the amount of damage he took plus all the training he had to do for the fight. I’m hoping the next time he gets a bigger pay day.