World Series of Fighting 3 Results: Josh Burkman Upsets Jon Fitch with Quick Submission

June 15, 2013
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Josh Burkman vs Jon Fitch WSOF3Josh Burkman shocked many onlookers at World Series of Fighting 3 on Friday night, choking former UFC welterweight contender Jon Fitch unconscious at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Fitch was the favored fighter coming into the WSOF 3 main event, but somebody forgot to tell Burkman that he wasn’t supposed to win.

The two fighters engaged right away, Fitch moving into Burkman’s wheelhouse where he ate a couple hard punches that dropped him to the mat. Burkman tried to land some follow-up punches, but didn’t have a clean shot at Fitch’s face.

Instead of landing shots to the back of the head, he shifted gears and went for the guillotine choke.

“I didn’t want to go for this choke, but I just felt that it was tight,” said Burkman after the fight.

Tight it was. Burkman locked up the choke, fell to the mat, and put Fitch to sleep.

While referee Steve Mazzagatti stood over them watching, Fitch fell limp and Burkman, realizing he was out, let go of the hold and stood up. As Burkman turned his back, Mazzagatti knelt down over Fitch and waved off the fight.

Mazzagatti immediately received a firestorm of criticism for not making a move to check on Fitch until Burkman had already released the hold and stood up. Even UFC president Dana White, a longtime vocal critic of Mazzagatti, commented on  Twitter calling on the Nevada Athletic Commission to do address Mazzagatti’s performance.

“Glad Burkman stopped. Mazzagatti is a clueless idiot who will hurt someone and continue to ruin guys legacies. Much respect Josh,” tweeted White. “NSAC needs to seriously do something!! When you have been a ref that long and still don’t know what u r doing its time to go away!!!!!”

It took Burkman just 41 seconds to set up his next fight, which is expected to be for the WSOF welterweight championship.

“Stay tuned for the next one. It’s gonna be for my belt,” he declared.

Fitch tried to state his case for a rematch, saying, “I think we should do it again. Let’s do it again, let’s do it for five, and let’s do it for that belt.”

In the lead-up to the event, however, the talk was leaning towards the winner of the fight facing the winner of the co-main event between Steve Carl and Tyson Steele for the belt, although there was no immediate confirmation of that or of a rematch.

Carl was the winner of co-main event. He deflected numerous spinning back kicks from Steele, who looked hesitant to close the distance. When Steele finally did shoot for a takedown, Carl scrambled and locked on a tight rear naked choke, forcing Steele to tap out at the 92-second mark of the opening round.

In earlier action, newly signed UFC veteran Jacob Volkmann ground out a unanimous decision over former Strikeforce fighter Lyle Beerbohm. Rising lightweight Justin Gaethje continued to impress, weathering an early storm by Brian Cobb before chopping him down with leg kicks, forcing the referee to stop the fight in the third round.

World Series of Fighting 3 Results

Main Bouts:
-Josh Burkman def. Jon Fitch by Technical Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 0:41, R1
-Steve Carl def. Tyson Steele by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:32, R1
-Jacob Volkmann def. Lyle Beerbohm by Unanimous Decision, R3
-Justin Gaethje def. Brian Cobb by TKO (Leg Kicks) at 2:19, R3

Preliminary Bouts:
-Jerrod Sanders def. Jeff Smith by Unanimous Decision, R3
-Dan Lauzon def. John Gunderson by Unanimous Decision, R3
-Carson Beebe def. Joe Murphy by Unanimous Decision, R3
-Krasimir Mladenov def. Kendrick Miree by Unanimous Decision, R3
-Branson Hansen def. Josh Montalvo by Unanimous Decision, R3

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  • gabe

    why would they do that fight again Fitch you got choked out

  • toom

    that kinda ruined fitch hes never lost to a fighter that wasnt great until now i think he overlooked him

    • FitchNutHugger

      Agreed, fitch got too aggressive early on with the strikes which left him open. I think if he did his usual grinding against the fence with wrestling he would’ve atleast got the decision. But as for now all we know is Fitch got choked the f*** out!

  • FitchNutHugger

    Everyone forgets that Fitch has never been submitted in his career, not even by BJJ ACE Demian Maia. So this is a BIG win for burkman. Everything was timed perfectly.

    • Dexter

      He got choked out by mike pyle in his pro debut

    • jozseffrd

      Although Mike Pyle Submitted him and chocked him unconscious it was a huge win for Burkman.Fitch is still a top 10-12 Welterweight and the Guillotine Choke can be a “deadly”weapon especially when one is underestimated!I bet all Fitch’s Coatches,Management and Team mates kept telling him”This guy have no chance to beat you you’re so much better he doesn’t even belong in the same Cage with you”!And Fitch probably totally underestimated him!St Pierre said that before he fought Serra everyone was telling him how much better he was that even though he didn’t want to,he still wasn’t taking Serra as serious as he had to!He said is a very hard thing when everyone telling you all the time you’re much,much,better and you can’t lose.That’s why GSP changed Management after that loss!Fitch probably taught he’ll pull off 3-4 impressive wins and he’ll be back in the UFC no time!Is this means Fitch is no good or means that Burkman is better than Fitch?No I bet if they fought 5 times in the next year Fitch would win all 5 fights coz he’s a real pro and he’ll never make that mistake again!Although I’m not a Fitch Fan,I kind of feel bad for the Kid!His whole carrier was looking up after the taugh Hendricks loss,when he beat Erick Silva in a Great fight in Brazil than a Loss to Maia cut from the UFC and now this loss!Wow Retirement???Who knows but I heard his financial situation isn’t that great!Well maybe Koscheck hire him to run his new GYM!

  • julian moran

    Bad fight for Fitch. That’s what happens when you always fight the same way, people figure you out, know what to expect and are ready to counter.

    • MMAMA

      Tell that to GSP. 😛

    • Johnny

      Burkman fought Fitch already

  • Dexter

    Welcome to the UFC, Mr. Burkman

    • Johnny

      he was already in the UFC… wrongfully let go in my house…lost a few decisions and ugly submissions but never go KOd or TKOd in the UFC, not a top 5 guy but def better then Fitch

  • Mike

    Dana is right mazagatti is a joke. He’ll get someone killed.

  • Mike

    Fitch is so overrated. Like gsp his fighting style is waiting out the round and scoring. NOT a real fighter… as is evident when the fight is brought to him. Great wrestlr… mediocre fighter.

    • George Sperry

      You don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Timothy Malone

    I defended Fitch when White fired him and now I look dumb for it. Losing like this to Burkman means he really isn’t one of the top guys.

    • Darin

      I feel the same. But perhaps Burkman is just that good right now. Maia backpacked Fitch for 3 rounds and couldn’t choke him.

    • Milosc

      I think you underestimate how many tough guys are out there. I’d like to see Burkman fight some of the other top 10, to see if it was really Fitch’s fault. It’s not that hard to get clipped by a hook/choked out while your eggs are scrambled

  • ace72

    Fitch was so focused on shooting his mouth off about how bad he was treated in the UFC,I guess he forgot to prepare for Burkman.What an idiot.Hope you enjoy fighting for a few hundred dollars on the local circuit.

  • Big win for Burkman. The guy has been looking great lately. I hope he fights for the belt. I can see him actually sticking around and representing WSOF. This is real bad for Fitch though. I mean, it happens but he needed to bounce back.

  • Randi

    Carl has now won 6 straight, all in the 1st round. I think his performances warrant a shot at Burkman more so than a rematch with Fitch.

  • drkdisciple

    Burkman really surprised me did not think he had a chance. Guess Dana was right about Fitch, he is more washed up then even I thought!

  • Johnny

    i wouldnt call it an upset MMAweekly…. Fitch sucks

    • $9244763

      I agree Fitch sucks

  • Baller31

    Carl vs Burkman will be a great fight. Wow, Mazzagatti sucks big time!!! Glad Burkman is an experienced fighter…someone else may have waited for Mazzagatti to declare Fitch legally dead. The announcer ( not Bas the other dude) kept calling Fitch “Finch” wtf
    Overall a solid fight card

  • Chris

    Huge win for Burkman. Just an absolute monster showing

    • $9244763

      Burkmann was as much as a 5 to 1 underdog
      Glad Fitch lost have been tired of his lay n pray for over 10 years

    • $9244763

      I agree Burkmann is a beast. Getting married and turning his life around has made him into a top 10 WW in world IMO

  • fsunoles10

    i forgot all about this card and didnt get to see it but my buddy told me fitch came out trying to be aggressive with his striking so that makes me think he went over there with a mind set like hell im in the minor leagues i should be able to toy with these guys but looks like burkman flipped the script on his ass.

  • $9244763

    I just added Burkmann to my hero list along with Johny Hendricks, Damian Maia. Fitch is the scurge of MMA and has ran more fans away from the sport than any other fighter in history.

  • Chris M

    the sad thing is it shows uf was right for cutting him!

  • wil hall

    Mazzagatti needs to find the door…he is not competent to do this
    job,although one would think,that years of ring experience might have
    been helpful to him.Another fighter could well have caused irreversible damage to Fitch,or any other fighter in similar situation..his sole purpose is to protect his fighters,and this guy dropped the ball..huge…no excuses