World Champion Boxer Holly Holm Says Goodbye to Boxing, Hello to Legacy FC

July 19, 2013
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Holly HolmFollowing a year and a half layoff from MMA, boxing champion Holly “Preacher’s Daughter” Holm returned to the sport this past February with a second-round TKO stoppage of Katie Merrill at Bellator 91.

The win not only signified Holm’s return to MMA, but also helped her realize that her future lay in this sport rather than in the one she had accomplished so much in.

“I had two (MMA) fights in 2011 and had been wanting to get back since then,” said Holm. “It was just a great opportunity and actually after that (Bellator) fight and the next boxing match (against Mary McGee in May) I told my coach I was done with boxing.

“I’m just really excited about MMA and I feel like I’ve improved a lot and I’m excited about the fight coming up. I want to take what doors are open and make the best of it. When I felt like my passion for boxing was fading, I decided to make the full jump over.”

Holm (3-0) will look to remain undefeated in MMA as takes on Allanna Jones (2-2) in her promotional debut at Legacy FC 21 in Houston on Friday night. The event airs live on AXS TV.

“I think she’s pretty composed, confident and has had challenges already in her career. So I feel like any time you fight someone like that, it’s a threat,” said Holm of Jones. “She’s not afraid to get in there and has the confidence in herself to do well, so I think that’s the biggest thing to fear in her is her confidence.

“I don’t like to look too much into an exact plan, because you never know what’s going to happen. We have a Plan A and a Plan B and we’ll see how things go.”

With such a storied background in boxing, it would be easy for people to label Holm a one-dimensional fighter, but she told that assessment couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I think I have a lot more that people haven’t seen,” she said. “I think I’m improving every day. It’s not going to happen overnight by any means, but I feel like there’s a lot that people haven’t seen me do.

“My only hope and my goal is to show people what I have learned in training. I want to get in there and show it when it counts.”

Having been on boxing’s biggest stages and fought some of that sport’s premier fighters such as Christy Martin and Mia St. John, Holm will be able to put aside any of the outside distractions that come with fighting live on nationally broadcasted TV and focus solely on her fight Friday night.

“I feel like it’s helped me prepare with things mentally,” she said. “When you’ve gone through something that’s a big challenge, it gives you a lot of confidence to overcome the next challenge. It’s helped me be a little more focused and not let the little things get to me.

“Whether people are watching or not, I want to win just as badly, and so I feel like the experience I’ve had with the bigger things in boxing have helped me zone that stuff out and not let it work me up so much.”

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  • Benny B

    She is a coward. She left boxing because she did not dare box against triple belt holder Cecilia Braekhus. She got called out many times but in the end she ran

    • jt74

      oh thank god we have someone who so clearly has absolute intimate knowledge of her reasons. and you are her what? manager? agent/ husband/boyfriend?
      why make definitive statements like that when you have no idea whether they are real or fake? could be that she is getting a 1000 times more publicity now in MMA than she ever did before. could be that her paydays now as significantly higher. could be that her sponsorship opportunities now have tripled since the acceptance of womens MMA has already far surpassed the acceptance of womens boxing. could be that she simply wanted a more complete combat challenge rather than a hand to hand challenge.
      nah, im sure you know it all. she must be ‘running’.

      • Benny B

        Triple belts, most important fight so far in her career. Cecilia wanted to fight on neutral ground. That is including Las Vegas! Holly only agreed to home turf Albuqurque sorry for misspell.
        There is no TV coverage for woman boxing in Albuqurqe so Cecilia said no. Cecilia said Las Vegas or any other neutral ground. Holly Holm is a chicken,she ran. she is still running

      • todd jones

        yap yap yap yap… ignore fanboys / fangirls, there is no reasoning trying to talk with common sense or logic with them, because they have none.

        There is zero doubt that Benny B falls under that category. Just ignore him/her.

  • Benny B
    • Timothy Malone

      Nothing is stopping Braekhus from strapping on those 4 ounce gloves

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Holly went where the money is and she will beat Rousey for the title next summer. No one else has the boxing skills to keep Rousey on her heels. Braekhaus?…she’s no threat and no pay day women’s boxing is nothing without Holly!

    • Anne Kirstine frie

      Holy Holm has got COWARD written all over her!!! She has no place in boxing with that attitude so let’s all just be happy she quit – Cecilia Braekhus rules!