World Champion Boxer Holly Holm Giving Up Pugilistic Pursuits for MMA Career

April 17, 2013
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Holly HolmThree-division world boxing champion Holly Holm on Tuesday announced that she is retiring from boxing for a full-time pursuit of a career in mixed martial arts, effective after her May 11 boxing bout with Mary McGee.

“Since I first started fighting, it became my passion,” an emotional Holm explained. “I decided a long time ago, after quitting school to fight, that I would box as long as my heart was in it. One of my biggest and controversial fights was against Christy Martin. Then, it was Mary Jo Sanders. There’s always a champion. This is my own journey. Every one of my fights have helped me to believe in myself.

“I’ve grown so much every step of the way. I’m in this fight, on May 11, 100-percent; I’m not distracted,” she continued. “This is obviously an emotional, spiritual and physical journey, and I’m so grateful for the people who have supported me.

“I just want to fight where my passion is (MMA). I train in an MMA gym and always have.”

The 31-year-old has amassed a record of 32-2-3 in the boxing ring since she debuted back in 2002. She is also 1-0 in kickboxing and 3-0 in mixed martial arts. It is unclear yet which MMA promotion she will fight for.

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    okay who the hell is this broad? Never heard of her any where.

    • John Bunch

      Have to be honest, me either…but from what I’ve read outside of this site…she didn’t fight handpicked opponents like Ali’s daughter…she fought the best of the best in boxing. Regardless, hopefully her entrance into MMA will answer a few questions hardcore fight fans have asked…what would happen if an elite level boxer, in his/her prime, entered MMA? I can’t wait to see her, tbh. Can only be good for MMA as a whole imo.

      • John Bunch

        5’8″…in the 140 range…she could probably easily drop to 135 if the UFC was interested. Or go to Invicta and fight where she is most comfortable. 14 time…3 division champion…off her website. And of course Cecilia Braekhus is calling her out, saying she’s dodging her by switching to MMA.

    • Thomas Cook

      She trains in Albq, NM.. GF of Joey Villasenor

  • Jon Mendelsohn

    Will she be picked by Ronda or Cat on the next Ultimate Fighter?

  • Jon Mendelsohn

    3 great fights for her are Falon Fox, Cyborg and Rhonda Rousey. Then again, we have Cat, Cupcake and Sarah Kaufman too. She made the right decision.
    She is one hell of a boxer. I have been following her for years. She will be a stud in MMA.

  • Jon Mendelsohn

    i hope both Holly Holm and Fallon Fox appear on The Ultimate Fighter. That would be your final. Holm on Team Rhonda (since Rhonda hates Fallon), and Fallon on Team Cat. Holm will beat up, destroy and stop the former male in the 2nd or 3rd round.

  • Kryptonitekid

    Fox’s name should never be mentioned in Women’s MMA, ever.


    didn’t even know they had woman’s boxing. Put her in immediately with tate. Let tate’s nose be a target for a nice hard jab.


    This broad cannot fight on her back.