Woo Johnson Sees 2015 as the Year to Build His Future

April 24, 2015
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For lightweight prospect Woo Johnson, 2014 was solid first year for him as a pro fighter.

“In MMA, I was 3-1 last year,” Johnson told MMAWeekly.com. “In my one loss, I’m a little upset about that because I felt it was stopped early. Otherwise, I feel I performed very well.

“I was very dominant and pretty much had my way with my opponents. Two of them ended in the first round. Then in my one loss, I was dominant the whole first round and into the second round until he got better position.”

Having experienced early finishes, a decision win, and a loss, Johnson ran the full gamut of outcomes last year, but he knows he still has a lot to learn as he moves forward.

“I got some more experience, but when you look at the overall picture, I haven’t been training for a full solid three years yet,” he said. “I have some experience, but there are a lot of guys who have more experience on me.”

Having successfully transitioned to the Super Fight League America show in December, Johnson (3-1) returns to the promotion this Saturday in Tacoma, Wash., against Chris Evans (0-1) in a catchweight special attraction.

“For me to get the win I have to fight my fight and be dominant,” said Johnson. “I have to win all three rounds or beat (Evans) up and have the ref stop the fight.

“Things have been going on recently with me with injuries, so I’ve had to change some things up. I’m not holding so much mass on me now like I used to, so I’m curious to see how that plays affect. It’s a catchweight fight, and he’s a bigger fighter who fights at 170, so we’ll see how it goes.”

While many in the Northwest have Johnson pegged for big things in his career, his main concern at this point is his evolution as a fighter above anything else.

“I just want to develop more overall as a fighter this year,” he said. “If I can take this year to really develop myself, come 2016, I’ll be ready for the bigger shows and stuff like that.”

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