Women’s Pound-for-Pound MMA Top 10

March 19, 2014
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Ronda Rousey - UFC women's bantamweight champion1. Ronda Rousey

2. Cris Cyborg Justino

3. Cat Zingano

4. Sarah Kaufman

5. Alexis Davis

6. Jessica Aguilar

7. Jessica Eye

8. Miesha Tate

9. Sara McMann

10. Barb Honchak

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Featherweight | Lightweight
| Welterweight | Middleweight
Light Heavyweight | Heavyweight

  • RowdyRevolution

    The challenger, Sarah Kaufman ranked higher than the champion Rousey….wtf?
    And Tara LaRosa 6th? LOL! Did you even watch her Kelly Warren fight? She was losing to an average fighter b4 she pulled that last second, hail mary sub out of her ass. Who the hell compiled this p4p list, the ghost of Helen Keller?

    • Spiffy McBang

      While granting that this is all opinion, the staff really needs to give this more thought. Every men’s weight class has the champion, or interim champion, rated #1. That the women’s list is P4P doesn’t change the fact that Rousey is the champ in Kaufman’s division, and has been dominant in every fight. Champions are generally given top billing by default in rankings, and if they turn out to only have reached the top by chance, they’re knocked far down once they lose their belts. Give Rousey the same respect.

      • Jeffh68

        What in the hell are you talking about? Ronda is #2 on the list and Sarah is #4. Or am I missing something?

  • alhmiel

    who’s the jap that is number one??

  • alhmiel

    Cyborg the guy is in a class of his/her own. Cyborg is a mixed gender dude/female mix. But Cyborg destroys Rousey in one round.

    • jenkins1997

      Cyborg is gonna get subbed quick by Rousey now that she is not on that there juice. Her strength is going to be far lessened which was her primary weapon that she depended on, Ronda is vastly more skilled then her.

      • David D

        You obviously believe in faries.

      • Kthul

        So why is Ronda running away?

    • joe65

      cyborg at times appears to be highly debatable as to female or male, that is for certain.

  • 54 seconds: I guess mmaweekly.com looks like a bunch of idiots. Don’t ya know that the depth in the 135 lb. women’s division is the result of the distance between Rousey’s fighting ability and the ability of the rest the division.

    • Cyborg goes massacring this Ronda Rousey such ai got sorry for her

      • Paul

        Your terrible spelling may have given me cancer. Please edit so I know what you’re saying.

  • Jay

    It’s the first fight in the MMA, and they come from different places, so their rankings are best calculated guesses. Just saying.

  • Robwayne Morgan

    . Cris Cyborg is the best if they fight Ronda Rousey will get exposed cyborg has too much power and she is the 2011,2012 IBJJF World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Female Gold Medalist. The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation IBJJF is the major and most prestigious governing body for Brazilian jiu-jitsu The federation was created by Carlos Gracie, so she has more than just stand up cyborg is better any where the fight goes hope they fight !

  • dickleaky

    i’m glad they had the sense to put cyborg first. she would destroy rousey and ruin her looks.

  • Old Trainer

    Cyborg needs to submit to year around testing. He has a man’s voice from long term steroid use and carries a lot muscle for a female/male hybrid. Just because he served the time doesn’t mean he’s clean. I don’t think he deserves a shot at a female title until they know he’s been off the juice for a long time. Look at baseball and how they would use steroids at night and it was out of there system the next day. Next they will say that Overeem went from Light heavy to a large heavily muscled heavyweight and never was on the juice.

    • Kthul

      Cyborg was on the juice alright but so Ronda has been, and every guy that is fighting or fought in the UFC also. Even the thin ones. Trust me, and in case you won’t ask someone that understands about steroids.

      • cere tomer

        Trust you? Who are you to be trusted. Are you an official in the business and in the know. No, you are not. If you were, you wouldn’t be posting inane, anonymous posts like that. If not for the freedom of speech, Ronda Rousey and everyone you accuse of using steroids would sue everyone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  • Ron

    Ronda as a person she is very bad.
    Cyborg very humble.

    • joe65


    • Paul

      Cool story, bro.
      Now piss off, your comment doesn’t relate to the ranking system.

    • cheat2win

      Yeash cryborg looked real humble when she came in a ton overweight versus Hitomi Akano and then proceeded to run around the ring jumping up on the cage like she won an Olympic medal, and flexing like a man showing no shame, or gratitude after she beat an underweight opponent in the 3rd round who didnt even have to fight her. Humble as they come.

  • me

    Why is it fair for a person born male, (meaning that they have testosterone naturally) to decide to be female, and to fight women? Think that’s bs.

    • Kthul

      I believe you’re talking about Fallon Fox, right?
      In this case, the person you’re talking about isn’t even on the list above. That’s who you’re talking about, right?

      • Old Trainer

        Cyborg, but you state that everyone in the sport is on juice, I was referring to Cyborg. She was tested and had hormone levels that would not have passed for a male or female. Fallon is monitored and has passed all of her/his tests. Cyborg cheated and got caught. To my knowledge Rhonda has been tested by the Olympic testing program as well as the UFC and has not failed a test yet. You hide behind a keyboard and accuse everyone of taking hormones. Educate yourself.

        • Kthul

          With all due respect, I’m hiding as much as you or anyone else in here. If we’re to be sued for anything we’re saying, all it takes is to track us through our computers IPs. So, at least to me, no one is hiding here.

          The problem about these tests is that they aren’t performed necessarily when the person is “on juice”, usually they are performed close to an event, or in certain specific dates of the year (usually).

          No athlete is “on juice” all the time (unless they want to get caught), that’s how they manage to pass on these tests. Some fail because they take risks being at it close to an event, like, for instance: Chael Sonnen, Aliastair Overeen, and as previously mentioned, Cyborg.

          Many have been over and over into steroids and they don’t necessarily look so big. As surprising as it may seem, a lean person can be on steroids or GH.

          Fallon Fox, I’ve mentioned, because you “me” said: Why is it fair for a person born male, (meaning that they have testosterone naturally) to decide to be female, and to fight women? Think that’s bs.

          So I thought he was talking about a transsexual, which is Fallon Fox’s case (in case you don’t know about it, just check it on the internet).

          In case you’d like to know more about the use of steroids or other performance enhancing drugs, in case you haven’t seen, there is an interesting documentary called: “Bigger Stronger Faster”.
          I believe it will help you understand some things about it.

          • Old Trainer

            You intelligent enough to say that everyone in MMA is juicing and then compare yourself to everyone. I guess that your proof that anyone can post what they want and have no accountability. If you believe that why are you on this site? Get an education, some may cheat, not everyone and not even the majority. If you know that much about women and steroids than you know that some of the changes that happen to female taking male hormones are not reversible, and obvious to see if you know what you are looking for. Cyborg will never have a feminine voice again, never. Rousey has not taken them. The UFC would not be actively adding female weight classes if all the ladies were juicing. Study what it does to the female body, then maybe, only maybe will you have the opportunity to leave a educated post.

          • Kthul

            To me this is a place for us to discuss, to debate not to ague.
            Apparently you want to argue with someone.

            I’m not going to waste my time in this conversation with you. That’s all.

          • Old Trainer

            Discussing and debating is what I am doing, I realize that these are world class athletes that work their butts off to get in shape to compete and have the bodies that are trained machines. Just because your in shape does not mean that your on steroids. Not passing the test(Like Cyborg) means your on steroids. Making a statement like everyone in the sport is on steroids means your a world class uneducated fool that is hiding behind your keyboard and if it was not for having a keyboard to hide behind, no one would ever here from you because you would have to back your words up. I would love to see you accuse any of these athletes of being on steroids to their face. Most of these athlete’s train for years and decades to get their bodies into the type of condition that average people can only dream about. Using drugs illegally to achieve this conditioning is wrong and so are you.

          • Kthul

            This last post of yours is once more a proof that you’re not here to debate or discuss the topics, but instead to verbally attack and even attempt to offend another user of this site, as you just did by calling me “a world class uneducated fool” (something anyone can understand even with your errors in written english), in what seems to be a clear attempt to impose your opinion by means of such words and actions instead of using reason.

            As I said previously, I’m not going to waste my time with you.

            The reason why I’m posting this is to show to others that may read this the inconsistencies that lie behind your attitudes and arguments.

          • michael kelley

            I’m not going to say everyone is on steroids, but I’m not going to say hardly anyone is on steroids either. Neither of you has any facts to back up your claims, other than a few failed tests. Now those failed test being the only evidence to go on, it would seem a few fighters have taken steroids, as much as any other sport anyway. The fighters who have failed tests, from Barnett to Cyborg to Reem would seem to have cheated. Can’t say for sure, but especially in Barnett’s case it doesn’t look good. Now, on to the whole TRT thing, to me it’s steroids by another name. Sorry, but if your body doesn’t produce a “normal” amount of Test, that doesn’t make it ok for you to supplement it. Everyone is different, meaning everyone produces different levels naturally, if yours is low well that just sucks: some guys are 6’5”; some guys can develop a six pack; and some guys can’t. So for all those guys taking trt, sorry, but you’re cheating. And as for Fallon Fox: don’t be ignorant, she’s a woman now. She takes estrogen and has a vagina and breasts. At first I thought it was wrong because of of her naturally masculine physicality, but the more I read the more I learn. With the hormones her bones weaken, her muscle mass declines, and her testosterone disappears. As far as top level athletes, she may actually be at a DISadvantage than women who have been training at an elite level all their lives.

            That’s as far as I’m going. But to say everyone cheats or no one cheats, I don’t think that’s for any of us to decide, certainly pointless to argue over. The only people that know for sure are the athletes.

  • Lisa Rene

    this completely undermines the credibility of MMAWeekly. Cheatborg is a joke who’s fought only much smaller blown up 125-35ers the entire career outweighing them by 25-30+ lbs. AND got caught using male hormones ON TOP OF IT..and RAN from Ronda she called Cyborg out for the UFC Title! Cyborg also already got beaten sub’d by a natural 125er Erica Paes while Ronda is UNDEFEATED and WAY more dominant having beaten everyone within 1 rnd. it’s not even close c’mon whoever’s doing these rankings needs to become more informed about women’s mma…no-one with any true knowledge takes Cheatborg seriously..

    • thinking_man

      There is obvious bias with this site and Cyborg.

      • thinking_man

        A very obvious Cyborg bias… just plain fanboys. She is over 1.5 years out since her last MMA fight in the minor leagues and she is #2? LOLOLOL

  • Mike Little

    No Ashlee Evans-Smith, she whooped Fallon Fox

  • Skipwave

    Was there a voting process on this, Or did someone just write down who they liked…It’s just wrong

  • michael kelley

    Where’s Holly Holm? She would beat everyone on this list not named Cyborg.

    • MMGOOD

      Maybe in boxing, but this is mma the only person shes beating is named Campbells .

      • Conor

        You obviously missed Holly two brutal head kick KO’s

  • wejay

    Where is Nancy Reagan on this list?
    Oh yes I forgot Ronald actually ran the show back in good old days.
    Before Hillary tko Clinton..

  • 62Strat

    There’s a big medical problem with Nancy Reagan though, even if she is a baaad bitch.It seems that her head is waaay to large and heavy for her little pencil neck, LOL!

  • Anthony Lopez

    Ummm…. are strawweights not eligible for this?

  • BigE

    this list does not match reality!!!

  • Running Black Wolf

    Foffeh ya hoser! “Mrs. Dana Whitey Panties” is to scared to let “Cyborg” fight any of his precious female PROPPED UP Chimpanzeion’s to fight a real fighter; oh my nails….