Women’s Group Assisted by Culinary Union Wants Rampage Pulled from UFC on Fox 6

January 26, 2013
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Courtesy of Riley Kontek and official MMAWeekly.com content partner Bleacher Report.

Quinton Rampage Jackson at UFC 144Have you ever heard of the Culinary Union? It has nothing to do with the Culinary Academy, a place for cooking that Jared Allen likes to joke about when introducing himself on Sunday Night Football.

The Culinary Union I am talking about is an adversary the UFC has gone up with many times before. It is the group that is currently ensuring that the UFC stays out of New York.

However, this time around, they are leading the charge with other women’s groups to try and get Quinton Jackson taken off of the UFC on Fox 6 card in Chicago.

This may not come as a shock, as Jackson is quite controversial. However, you may be thinking, “What did Jackson do this time?”

No, he didn’t hump any more female reporters. And no, he didn’t motorboat Karen Bryant and tell her that “Jamaican me horny,” again.

Don’t worry, “Rampage” simply made a video about how to rape a woman in a parking garage last year, no big deal.

Sarcasm aside, this video has drawn the ire of women’s groups that are being assisted by the Culinary Union. They have demanded via letter and protest that Jackson be pulled from competition this weekend, a demand that will not be met.

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  • dd

    that was a long time ago..why wait till now lol

    • I’m quite sure they timed it to try and get whatever publicity they could surrounding the Fox event.

  • fedd1

    These socialist women’s groups are hilarious, they cry about everything right on cue when their money providers become irritated.There are some pro boxing thugs behind this somewhere.

  • Its not like he said call it a surprise van or anything like that

  • ho chung

    Screw the Culinary Union, who have their own vendetta/agenda against the UFC. They’re same one’s blocking the UFC getting into New York. They don’t care about the women ……..

  • DamianCross

    Tutorial video link, please.

  • Ray

    Why do all Bleacher Report articles start with a question? Why do I feel like I’m correcting middle school essays when I read something from BR? Seriously, mmaweekly? You’re letting interns write your news!? It’s infuriating to see content written like a response on a message board.

    • Rico Storm

      you mad bro?

  • b-soc

    Yeah, the timing of bringing this forward is very convenient. You don’t hold something like that in you back pocket for a year if you are truly offended. Rampage is an idiot for making the video, dry humping a reporter, and the Jamacian me horny video, but the latter two were addressed immediately. Whatever Rampage took in the way of flack last year for making the video, he deserved and more besides, but you can’t come forward a year later and make those demands!

  • Junior

    i bet you those women only just seen it now. dana aint taking **** like that, dude is in a co main event for *** sake

  • Junior

    apologies moderator, apologies… they already got dana out of new york the biggest project up to date, they cant do anything else